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For remote access to resources hosted by Cardozo Law Library you will need to authenticate using your first and last name (tip: last name is usually enough) and the barcode on your Cardozo picture ID (beginning with the numbers 25...)

For remote access to resources hosted by Yeshiva University Library, you will need to login with your YUAD.

Please see our Guide to Accessing E-Resources & Databases for more information.

Please see our new E-Resources & Databases List and E-Journal Portal.

PLI PLUS (remote access)
ProQuest Legislative Insight (remote access)
ProQuest Regulatory Insight (remote access)
ProQuest Supreme Court Insight (remote access)

West Academic Study Aids (remote access)
Bloomberg Law
HeinOnline (remote access)
ProQuest Congressional (remote access)

Bloomberg BNA Premier (remote access)
Bloomberg Law
Fastcase (remote access)
HeinOnline (remote access)
IntelliConnect (currently on campus only)

Foreign Law Guide (Brill) (remote access)
KluwerArbitrationOnline (remote access - try Firefox)
Hague Academy of International Law (Brill) (remote access)
IFAR: Art Law & Cultural Property
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (HeinOnline)
Nevo Israeli Legal Database (in Hebrew) (on campus only)
Oxford Reports on International Law (remote access)
VERSA: Cardozo Israeli Supreme Court Project

Law 360 1
American Lawyer 2
National Law Journal 2
New York Law Journal 2
ProQuest Newsstand
Historical New York Times 1851- to present

1 Personal accounts available to full-time faculty only. Please contact

2 Personal accounts available to students, faculty, and staff. Please contact

LexisNexis Courtroom Cast

ProQuest Congressional (remote access)
Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories (HeinOnline)

Eighteenth Century Collections Online
GALE Primary Resources
LLMC Digital
Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926
Making of Modern Law: Trials 1600-1926
U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978

Academic Search Premiere (EBSCO)

JOURNALS (see also Cardozo's E-Journal Portal)
Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
Cambridge Journals Online
CIAO (remote access - try Firefox)
HeinOnline Law Journal Library
Oxford Law Journals (remote access)
SAGE Journals
Wiley Journals

CQ Press
Historical Statistics of the United States (currently on campus only)

EBSCO eBooks
ProQuest Ebook Central
West Academic Study Aids (remote access)


Research Guides


Librarians have prepared guides that succinctly explain ways of researching various topics. Some of the most frequently used guides appear in the list below. Printed copies of these guides, as well as guides on several other topics, are available from the reference librarians.


Librarians have prepared outlines of important citations on selected topics to help you more easily identify significant print and electronic resources. Printed copies of these outline guides are available from the reference librarians.


Selected Legal Treatises

TREATISES are generally the first resource practicing lawyers consult when they are confronted with an unfamiliar issue. If you access a treatise in print or on Lexis, Westlaw or Bloomberg and take a look at its contents you will see why.  Treatises are written by experts, legal scholars and practitioners and offer comprehensive and substantive exposition of the law in a given area with the most relevant cases and statutes methodically discussed and footnoted. Unlike cases, statutes, encyclopedias and law review articles which are available on all three electronic platforms and even the open web, most of the time specific treatises are made available exclusively by one legal publisher and not the other.

Although there are many ways to identify treatises, the Cardozo Library provides a list of treatises by subject to start you off


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