The Law Library plays a vital role in supporting scholarship, providing in-depth instruction in legal research, and facilitating the effective use of academic technology at Cardozo. Through its licenses and purchases, the library provides access to many thousands of law and law-related electronic resources, books, and audio and video materials.


Library Hours

Spring (Jan 21 - May 12, 2018)

Library Hours

Sun   10am-12am
Mon   8am-12am
Tue    8am-12am
Wed   8am-12am
Thu    8am-12am
Fri      8am-(Jan 4pm, Feb 4pm, Mar 5pm, Apr 6pm, May 6pm)
Sat     Closed

Reference Hours

Sun     Closed
Mon    10am-5pm
Tue     10am-5pm
Wed    10am-5pm
Thu     10am-5pm
Fri       10am-5pm
Sat      Closed

Holiday Closings (2017)

Fri - Mar 30 - 1pm Close
Sun - Apr 1 - Closed
Thu - Apr 5 - 1pm Close
Fri - Apr 6 - Closed
Sun - May 20 - Closed
Mon - May 21 - Closed
Mon - May 28 - Closed

Library hours and closings are subject to change.

The specific closing hour for each Friday, as well as holiday closings, is also posted at the entrances to the library. Cardozo celebrates the following legal holidays and is closed on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. The building also closes for Jewish holidays.


Location of the Law Library

The only entrance to the law library is from the stairway and elevators on the east side (B) of the 7th floor. The library occupies floors 6, 7, 8, and part of 9. An internal stairway connects all the library floors. Restrooms are located on floors 6, 7 and 8.



The Library is committed to making its collections accessible to all students and researchers. The 7th floor of the library is wheelchair accessible. All of its seats accommodate wheelchair users. There is an accessible restroom on the 7th floor.

Access to floors 6, 8 and 9 of the library requires use of the 12th St. (B) side elevators and entry through keyed alarmed doors. Alarm door keys can now be checked out and used independently by patrons who observe the following procedure:

Patrons who need access to floors 6, 8, and 9 in the Library and cannot use the internal stairs, should contact Carolyn Brown, our Access Services Librarian (

Patrons will be able to check out the proper key and shown how to unlock and operate the fire doors near the 12th St. (B) side elevators without setting off the alarms.

For inaccessible portions of the stacks and for patrons who have disabilities that prevent them from accessing materials, material retrieval services are available.

The Library provides assistance to persons with permanent or temporary disabilities on an individual basis. Please consult the Circulation staff on the 7th floor for assistance.


Law Library Materials

Materials of all formats can be found by searching by author, title, subject, keyword or call number in BEN, the online catalog. Materials recently cataloged are easily identified by a WorldCat list of recent additions to the library's collections.


Locations for library materials






Floor & Range Number

A - JZ

8-1 to 8-5

K - KZD (Comparative, international & foreign law)

8-5 to 8-18


Shlansky (8th floor)

KFA - KFX (U.S. state materials)

8-18 to 8-22

KF (American law)

6-1 to 6-35

L - Z

6-35 to 6-38

P (Periodicals)

6-39 to 6-52


7th floor


Circulation Desk

Atlantic Reporter

9-8 to 9-9

California Reporter


New York Supplement

9-10 to 9-12 7th floor

North Eastern Reporter

9-13 to 9-14

North Western Reporter

9-13 to 9-14

North Western Reporter

9-14 to 9-15

Pacific Reporter

9-15 to 9-18

South Eastern Reporter

9-18 to 9-19

Southern Reporter

9-19 to 9-21

South Western Reporter

9-21 to 9-23

Federal Supplement

9-23 to 9-26

Federal Rules Decisions

9-26 to 9-27

Court of Claims Reports


Federal Cases


Federal Reporter

9-27 to 9-31

Federal Appendix


U.S. Reports, L. Ed.

9-29 to 9-31

Supreme Court Reporter


U.S. Reports

9-32 to 9-33

American Law Reports

9-7 to 9-8

Federal Practice Digests

9-4 to 9-6

General Digest System

9-1 to 9-4

Code of Federal Regulations


Federal Register

9-42 to 9-45

Congressional Record

9-45, 9-34 to 9-35

Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Materials

9-37 to 9-40


8th floor, room 806


Floor Maps