• Students study at the Dr. Lillian & Dr. Rebecca Chutick Law Library.

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When visitors walk through the doors of Cardozo School of Law, they get a sense of a vibrant academic life within a warm community. That’s no accident—we work hard to build our community one student at a time.

The commonalities and diversity of our students are among the great strengths of this exceptional school. Our students are smart problem solvers and analytical thinkers who appreciate the energy and sense of joint mission that permeates this close-knit community. Culled from over 135 undergraduate institutions across the United States and around the world, including countries such as China, Colombia, Germany, South Africa, Canada and Korea, they represent a wide cross section of life skills and backgrounds—a key advantage for future lawyers working in an increasingly global profession.

Many students live in student housing on 11th Street, just east of Fifth Avenue. Many more live in apartments in Manhattan, Brooklyn and elsewhere in the metropolitan area. Their central hub is our main building, 55 Fifth Avenue, located in one of New York's most fascinating neighborhoods.

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