Cardozo is a leader in practical education, and offers a unique experiential training program which includes clinics, field clinics and simulation courses.

Cardozo offers eleven clinics (listed below) that allow students to gain hands-on experience in different practice areas of law. Students work with experienced lawyers to represent clients and build practical skills for courts, legal negotiations and business transactions.

Field clinics give students opportunities to work in small teams in leading NY and NJ law offices, government offices and public service organizations. Student groups function as a team attending seminars taught by the same supervising attorney from the workplace. This allows time to analyze theory in class and put it into practice on the job.

The school's simulation courses provide intensive bootcamp training for trial work as well as for transactional deal making.

SEE STUDENT VIDEOS: Clinics in Action; Defending Immigrants on the Texas Border; Protecting Small Investors From Securities Fraud; Students at the Innocence Project Help Free Wrongfully Convicted Man

Innocence Project Clinic

The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by Barry J. Scheck and Peter E. Neufeld at Cardozo School of Law to assist prisoners who could be exonerated through DNA testing. Cardozo clinic students work with prisoners, crime labs, prosecutors and defense lawyers to fully explore use of the technology and its implementation in the courtroom. For more information, visit The Innocence Project.

Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic

The clinic responds to the vital need today for quality legal representation for indigent immigrants facing deportation while also providing students with invaluable hands-on lawyering experience. For more information, visit The Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic.

The Indie Film Clinic

The clinic provides free legal services to filmmakers producing independent, documentary and student films, offering students the opportunity to gain valuable transactional legal skills. For more information, visit The Indie Film Clinic.

Bet Tzedek Civil Litigation Clinic

Clinic students represent elderly and disabled people seeking health, disability and housing benefits. For more information, visit Bet Tzedek Civil Litigation Clinic.

Civil Rights Clinic

This is a live client clinic in which students primarily litigate civil rights cases in federal district and appellate courts.  The work of the clinic focuses on the intersection between civil rights and the criminal justice system. For more information, visit the Civil Rights Clinic.

Criminal Appeals Clinic

The clinic allows students to represent indigent felons on appeal, including researching and writing the appellate brief and arguing the appeal before the court. For more information, visit the Criminal Appeals Clinic.

Criminal Defense Clinic

Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic are selected to engage in field work in Manhattan Criminal Court, representing misdemeanors from the case's inception through final disposition. For more information, visit the Criminal Defense Clinic.

Divorce Mediation Clinic

The Divorce Mediation Clinic is designed to provide both practical mediation experience and theoretical insight into divorce mediation and family law practice. For more information, visit The Divorce Mediation Clinic.

Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention Clinic

As part of the Cardozo Law Institute in Holocaust and Human Rights (CLIHHR), the Benjamin B. Ferencz Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention (HRAP) Clinic provides students with hands-on legal training under the supervision of clinical professors and faculty members. The HRAP Clinic trains the next generation of human rights advocates while offering students the opportunity to make a difference. For more information, visit The Benjamin B. Ferencz Human Rights and Atrocity Prevention Clinic.

Mediation Clinic

Students here are trained and supervised in mediating cases at community dispute resolution centers, small claims court, and civil court, as an alternative to litigation, while they study the broad field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). For more information, visit the Mediation Clinic.

Securities Arbitration Clinic

The Securities Arbitration Clinic is a year-long course introducing students to the essential principles of securities arbitration and mediation. Under faculty supervision, students are assigned to cases referred to Cardozo by the New York Stock Exchange, the National Association of Securities Dealers, and the American Arbitration Association. For more information, visit The Securities Arbitration Clinic.

Tech Startup Clinic

This is a transactional legal clinic providing a range of services to new technology-based companies in New York City. It exposes students to the myriad legal and business strategy challenges that startups face. For more information, visit The Tech Startup Clinic.