Jan 25, 2018

Professor Aaron Wright spoke to Legaltech News about the development of blockchain technology, its impact on the legal industry and what he sees for the future.

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Jan 24, 2018

Professor Lela Love, Director of the Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution  

January 24, 2018 - Cardozo School of Law's Alternative Dispute Resolution program, the Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution, received an A+ rating by preLaw magazine in their winter 2018 issue. Cardozo Law is the only school to receive an A+ for their ADR program. 

Cardozo received the ranking for its expansive dispute resolution offerings.

Jan 24, 2018

Each year, Cardozo students travel to Washington, DC as part of the Lawyering in DC program. 

January 24, 2018 - Cardozo School of Law's government law program is ranked number 11 in the country in preLaw magazine's winter 2018 issue. The ranking is based on the number of Cardozo graduates (12.1 percent) who landed jobs in the government law field, as well as school curricula and debt/loan repayment options. 

Jan 23, 2018

January 23, 2018 - Professor Kate Shaw's research into the U.S. Supreme Court practice of inviting amici to brief and argue is cited in an article in Empirical SCOTUS. The writeup titled The Invitation List mentions and links to Professor Shaw's article Friends of the Court: Evaluating the Supreme Court's Amicus Invitations.

Jan 22, 2018

The discussion about President Trump’s tweets, their intent and impact, continues and Professor Kate Shaw commented to BuzzFeed News about the issue.

“There's an emerging consensus that where the President's words might go to the President's intent, they're fair game in cases in which the challenge alleges some impermissible intent on the part of the President,” Professor Shaw told BuzzFeed News in an email.

Jan 19, 2018

Professor Edward Zelinsky commented in Law360 on state tax case Dawson v. Steager, which is a challenge to West Virginia's tax laws by federal law enforcement retirees who claim they are treated differently from state law enforcement retirees. Professor Zelinsky agreed that the U.S. Supreme Court has signaled it will take on this case by asking for the views of the U.S. solicitor general.

Jan 17, 2018

January 17, 2018 - Law360 analyzes a U.S. Supreme Court appeal over whether $13.3 million in stock options given to employees of a Canadian railroad company is taxable compensation. In question is what constitutes "money remuneration," and whether stock compensation falls under this category. The Railway Retirement Tax Act of 1937 "requires railroads to pay an excise tax equal to a certain percentage of the employees' 'compensation' and to withold a percentage of that compensation as the employee's share of the tax.

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