Congratulations on successfully navigating the registration process.   Please remember that the requests you made were requests only.  Thus, you must check back to see the courses that you actually received by returning to www.yu.edu/myyu and viewing your schedule, which is available now.  Please keep the following information in mind: 


  • If you are an international student and have not been waived from these requirements, you must be registered for:
    1. LAW 5221: Introduction to U.S. Law and for
    2. LAW 5792: Adv Workshop-Res/Writ-Int'l-I. 

Please check this information carefully to be sure you were successful in registering for the correct course. If you reached your 14-credit limit before successfully registering into that course, or if there was some other issue which precluded you from registering into that course, you must change your registration using the online add/drop system, explained below.

  • All changes to your schedule must be made during the Add/Drop period, which begins on August 11 at 9:00 a.m and will run from 9:00 a.m. Mondays until 3:00 p.m. Fridays from August 11 through September 2, during weekdays only.
  • Unfortunately, some courses reached their full capacity quickly, and not all students who requested their courses could be accommodated.  A list of closed courses is available through Angel.  However, during the add/drop period there is a great deal of movement; students change their mind, or find they have taken on too much; or had strategically overenrolled and then drop one of the classes. Spaces frequently become available in closed courses. You should certainly not assume that because you did not get into a class during initial registration that that is the end of the matter.

Please note the following information from the Registration Instruction Packet about closed courses:

Closed Courses

Closed courses fall into two categories, with different procedures for enrolling additional students when spots open up.  For most courses, the process occurs through On-line Add/Drop. A limited number of courses, primarily small, popular seminars, are designated "Wait List Courses."  These designations will be available on Angel by August 11 and are explained below.  For full instructions, please see the Guide to Registration on Angel.

  • On-line Add/Drop

    Students who wish to add or drop courses that are not designated as Wait List courses, which constitute the majority of courses, may do so online starting on August 11 at 9:00 am. Open positions in these courses will be available on a "first-come, first-served" basis, without regard to class year or program.  This process is in "real time"; please be sure to check your schedule as soon as you add or drop a course to make sure the change has been processed. If the courses you wish to add are closed, check back periodically throughout the Add/Drop period; as people make changes in their schedule, courses that were previously closed may open up.

  • Waiting Lists

    If you were closed out of a “Wait List course” during initial registration, or you did not attempt to register or were not eligible to register at that time, you should place your name on the Waiting List via the Banner website. Online Wait List sign-up begins on Monday, August 18. (Please note: the order in which students sign up on these lists will have no effect on their chances of being selected; students are selected at random within classes.) You may add your name to as many online Waiting Lists as you wish.

Beginning on August 25, and on each Add/Drop day through September 2, if spots become available in a Wait List course, students on the Waiting List will be selected at random within priority category. (3Ls and LL.M.s are given priority over 2Ls.) This process will start at approximately 1:00 pm each day. Those selected from the online Waiting List will be notified by email later that day. If you are selected from the waiting list, you must email, fax or come into the Office of the Registrar to add the course no later than 1:00 pm the following day. If adding a course will bring you over the maximum number of credits allowed (16), you must also select a course you wish to drop.  If your response to the email notification is not received by 1:00 pm the following add/drop day, you will lose your chance to register for the course and the spot will be offered to another student.

You are not obligated to enroll if you are offered a spot in a Wait List course.  In consideration to other students, however, if you are on a waiting list but decide you are no longer interested in the course, please remove your name from the list on Banner.

Complete instructions for adding your name to the Banner Wait List can be found on page 22 of the Registration Information Packet on Angel.



Though the priority registration times have passed, and some courses did close, there are many still available and it is not too late to register, provided you have paid your tuition deposit.

In order to register, please use the Course Registration Worksheet to write down your registration requests and include your signature and either fax them to 212-790-0341 or send them as a pdf attachment to brookdaleregistrar@yu.edu.  Registration is ongoing, so it is in your best interest to send this in as soon as possible.

Below is the list of courses which have already closed which may affect your registration—please choose alternatives in order to get a full schedule:


Adv Workshop-Res/Writ-Int'l-I, section IA

Fashion Law

Adv Workshop-Res/Writ-Int'l-I, section ID

Interviewing & Counseling

Advising Boards of Directors

Negotiation Theory & Skills, section A

Alternative Business Entities

Pretrial Practice, section B

Anatomy of An Appeal

Privacy Seminar

Comparative Corporate Govern

Reproductive Ethics

Criminal Justice Soc Colloqu

Social Media Law

Entertainment & Media Law

Trial Advocacy-Introduction, section A


As a reminder, information essential for registration is available through on Angel (https://cardozo.elearning.yu.edu/). No username or password is required to access these materials; simply click on “Registration” to the right of the login area.  There you will find a folder entitled "Fall 2014 Registration" with the following items in it:

In order to assist you in course planning, you are invited to view the previously–recorded online web registration workshop, which took place on July 10 and covered degree requirements, registration materials, and how to use the online registration system. Please click here to view the recording: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=hq327c.  Please also feel free to contact Amy Sugin at sugin@yu.edu with questions or for help with choosing your courses.