Students can receive a Certificate in Dispute Resolution in conjunction with their J.D. degree.  Those who complete the program will receive a certificate at graduation.

To fulfill the Certificate program requirements, a student must earn 15 credits in dispute resolution related course work and must, in addition, satisfy the following requirements:

1. Competency Requirements

Students must satisfy competency requirements in four of the five categories of dispute resolution related knowledge and skills: Dispute Resolution Processes, Interviewing and Counseling, Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration.

Courses that satisfy competency requirements in particular categories are detailed in the table of Certificate in Dispute Resolution.  Certain clinics satisfy the interviewing/counseling competency requirement, even though they do not count for credits towards the certificate.  For detailed descriptions of the courses, see Course Descriptions in Angel's Registration for the relevant semester.

2. Writing Requirement

Students must write a paper or note focusing on a topic in conflict resolution. This requirement can be satisfied by preparing a paper for a course qualifying for credit in the program, for the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution, or for an independent  study approved by the director of the Certificate Program (in addition to approval of the supervising faculty member). Courses that satisfy the writing requirement (for Certificate purposes only) are indicated under Certificate Course Offerings. Please note that courses satisfying the writing requirement for Certificate purposes may or may not satisfy the writing requirement for J.D. purposes.

3. Clinical or Externship Requirements

Students must participate in an externship (e.g., the ADR Field Clinic) or clinical program (e.g., the Mediation Clinic) related to conflict resolution. The externship or clinical program must include at least 60 hours of work in which the student mediates, participates in arbitrations, makes presentations or conducts training sessions about dispute resolution, helps administer a dispute resolution program or conducts research and consultation on dispute resolution. For externships, the dispute resolution faculty member charged with oversight of externships must approve the externship. Courses that satisfy the clinical/externship requirement are indicated on Course Offerings.

Certificate in Dispute Resolution Application

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