• Passionate Scholars, Dedicated Teachers
    Our faculty prepare students to be leaders in their chosen fields. They are on top of their game as scholars and teachers, and they want to help you be on the top of yours.
  • Scholarship with Impact
    Professor Myriam Gilles testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the proposed Arbitration Fairness Act.

Faculty with Impact

The Cardozo faculty strive to make a difference. They are the backbone of our vibrant, supportive academic community. They help their students make the most of their law school years to become leaders in their chosen fields. They nurture growth, creativity, serious scholarship and real-world engagement.

A Committment to Innovation in Teaching

Innovation in legal education is a core value at Cardozo. It's seen in professors' responses to global events--creating pop-up courses and curriculum changes to keep on top of critical legal issues and constitutional battles of our time. It's seen in the quality and breadth of our clinics. It's seen in countless heart-to-heart conversations with students each semester. And it is seen in lasting professional relationships with graduates.

Dedicated to preparing Tomorrow's Leaders in the Law. 

Our professors are passionate scholars and dedicated classroom teachers. They are on the top of their game and they want to make sure you'll be on top of yours when you begin your legal career.

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