The Tech Startup Clinic provides legal services to new technology-based companies in New York City.

New York City has been the fastest-growing technology hub in the United States for the past 10 years and currently ranks No. 2 in the country behind Silicon Valley. Even though there has been rapid growth, there has not been a corresponding increase in low-cost assistance for growing technology companies in New York. Promising startups either waste critical early-stage capital on legal services or proceed without legal representation. Attempting to build a startup without a solid legal foundation creates risks for young companies, causing these companies to fall into easily avoidable legal traps that limit the potential for growth, funding and eventual job creation.

The Tech Startup Clinic provides high-potential startups pro bono legal services. The clinic guides startups through entity formation, funding questions, intellectual property issues, commercialization strategies, and operational and employment matters. An early-stage company, for example, must set up an initial legal structure, develop a strategy for protecting its intellectual property, raise capital, and draft agreements that shape the contours of its relationship with employees.

Students participating in the clinic develop practical skills. They directly counsel and work with startup founders. Students draft contracts, legal memoranda and work on policy issues. After clinic participation, students receive assistance finding externships or internships in-house with New York City startups.

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