The Tech Startup Clinic is a transactional legal clinic providing a range of services to new technology-based companies in New York City. It exposes students to the myriad legal and business strategy challenges that startups face, and gives them hands-on experience with intellectual property, corporate, contract, tax, and labor and employment issues.

Startups often have to make legal decisions early on that will shape their businesses for years to come. An early-stage company must, for example, set up an initial corporate structure, develop a strategy for protecting its intellectual property, and shape the contours of its relationship with its employees. The real value added by lawyers at the pre-financing stage is in helping clients surface and deal with legal issues that will impact the shape of their businesses much later. Students will focus on understanding clients’ needs, identifying issues, and recommending courses of action.

The clinic will create an experience that takes the students through the life cycle of an actual area technology startup, focusing on the various problems the company may encounter from formation through IPO, and beyond.  

The clinic is directed by Aaron Wright. To apply, send an email to the clinic describing your startup and what you need help with:

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