Cardozo's Office of Career Services and Public Service Law Center are here to assist you throughout your career. We are proud to have a strong network of more than 10,000 graduates working in a wide variety of fields and specialties. Whether you are seeking a job change/career transition or would like to provide opportunities for Cardozo students, we are here to help you make new connections.

Alumni who are seeking a job transition are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor. Phone appointments are also available. All appointments are confidential. During your appointment we can:

  • Review your resume and cover letter
  • Discuss your career goals
  • Tailor your job search strategy
  • Develop networking strategies
  • Strengthen interviewing skills

Please request an appointment here.

For Additional Assistance
If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Career Services at 212.790.0358. Whatever your current job search needs may be, please let us know how we can assist you.

Cardozo Job Bank

For accesss to current job notices on Symplicity, please contact OCS with your name, class year and preferred e-mail address, and we will create your free alumni account.


Employment Research Resources

Employer Research:
MartindaleHubble. Martindale–Hubble is a directory of legal employers. There are three versions of the directory.
1. Print  Published yearly, these bound volumes are available in the Cardozo Library
2. Online is a public Web site that allows job seekers to browse for law firms by geographical and/or practice area. The advanced search feature even allows users to look up Cardozo Law alumni who are currently practicing. This is a great tool for both research and networking purposes.
3. CD-ROM  The CD-ROM edition of the directory is updated quarterly. Copies are available on the workstations in the OCS Library on the 11th floor. This version of the directory has comprehensive search and export capabilities (many more than the online version) for lawyers, law firms, international firms, government agencies and law school faculties. Many students use this as a resource to create targeted mailings to lawyers and/or law firms for networking purposes. There is an instruction sheet available in the OCS Library to help you navigate the directory’s export features.
NALP* Directory. Search the NALP (National Association for Law Placement) directory for larger firms, public interest organizations and government agencies. The directory can be accessed in book form in the OCS Resource Center and the Cardozo Library or online at This directory lists member firms and organizations, providing details about the size and demographics of the organization you are researching. It also includes salary information, office locations and information about the number of people the organization expects to hire this year.
NALP is based in Washington, D.C., and acts as a clearinghouse for development and statistical reporting for law schools, students and legal employers (including both law firms and public service organizations). Members of NALP pay an annual fee. Most large firms and accredited law schools are members. As a Cardozo Student, you have export privileges from the NALPDirectory Web site. You should also check out their guidelines and other resources located at
Networking. Reach out to those in your network—your classmates, internship supervisors, family friends, former colleagues—and ask them if they know about a particular employer. The legal community is surprisingly small—you’re bound to find at least one person who has information about an employer.
Bar Associations. Listed below please find contact information for the following bar associations:
New York Bar Associations
New Jersey Bar Associations
Connecticut Bar Associations
National Bar Associations
Diversity Bar Associations
Bar Associations by State
OCS in Cyberspace (job links available 24/7)
Symplicity (Cardozo Job Bank). We manage all of our recruiting efforts, workshops, events and employer databases via Symplicity. Please contact the Office of Career Services if you have not received your Symplicity login information.
Please note: September 1Ls will not have access to Symplicity until after November of their first semester.
Collated Job Search: Use this tool to search for LinkedIn, Indeed, and other posting website job posts all in one place!


Working as a Contract Attorney

 A contract attorney is a lawyer who is hired on a contract basis and generally paid at an hourly rate. Law firms hire contract attorneys through temporary placement agencies. The lawyers are assigned to various large-scale projects within the firm. Projects can last three to six months or even longer. A typical project is a “document review” project where the contract attorney is assigned the task of organizing and producing discovery documents in response to a subpoena in a large litigation case. The work often involves dealing with a considerable amount of documents. Other projects can range from researching case law to summarizing deposition testimonies to drafting briefs. To obtain a contract position, you can contact any number of legal recruiting agencies.
Agencies registered with Cardozo are listed in Symplicity under the Employers tab as "Legal Recruiting Agencies." Once you have contacted an agency, you will be asked to bring your resume and interview with a recruiter at the agency. If they determine that you meet their criteria, they will keep your resume on file and contact you if they learn of appropriate and available projects at any of the firms they serve. Oftentimes you will have to interview again at the firm before you are hired to work on the project.
A caveat: It is wise to treat contract positions as temporary and to always stay focused on finding permanent work. While it may be easy to jump from project to project—and you may be making a decent hourly wage—in the long run too many temporary projects can interfere with your ability to obtain permanent work.


Postgraduate Judicial Clerkships

Clerking for a judge can be personally rewarding and can afford a unique opportunity to enhance your research and writing skills and your overall legal career. Clerking for a judge can open many employment doors.
Alumni are encouraged to seek assistance from the Office of Career Services and the Center for Public Service Law if considering serving a judicial clerkship. Some judges have indicated a preference for individuals who have already garnered postgraduate legal experience. For more information, including assistance with the letter-of-recommendation process, please contact the Office of Career Services at 212.790.0358. You may find NALP and the NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education useful in the search for judicial clerkships.

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