Eligibility and Application
Students may apply to spend a semester abroad during their fourth, fifth or sixth semesters of law school. Students should make every effort to have completed distribution requirements prior to the semester abroad.

The aim of Cardozo's study abroad programs is to offer law students and future lawyers a large variety of international elective courses in their fields of interest, in-depth acquaintance with the intricacies of other legal systems around the world, and a new perspective on current global legal issues. Through these programs students learn not only the law, but also new methodological techniques and immerse in new cultures, which will help them prepare as better lawyers in today’s global economy.

3Ls planning to study abroad during their final semester of law school are advised to verify that their proposed program will ensure return home in time for graduation and bar certification, which is generally on or around June 1.

The application for study abroad for both the semester exchange programs and for independent study abroad should be completed through Symplicity and must be accompanied by a statement of purpose, a current resume or CV, and a letter of recommendation from a Cardozo professor. Applications to study abroad during a fall semester are due by February 15; for a spring semester, applications are due by October 15. Students are notified if they are approved for study abroad approximately three weeks later.

Please see answers to Frequently Asked Questions about semester abroad programs.

Study Abroad Application 2019-2020.pdf

Download the information and application packet (to be submitted through Symplicity): 

(Click on law school name for link to the law school home page)

Amsterdam Law School (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Fall or Spring Semester; Courses taught in English

Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany)
Program in International and Comparative Business Law
Fall semester (with possible option for summer internship beforehand); Courses taught in English 

  • Download program information on the Cardozo-Bucerius Exchange Program
  • View course offerings, including their optional Certificate in Management and Leadership for Lawyers, and their academic calendar here  
  • View their summer courses on International Business Law and International IP Transactions sometimes offered at a discount or free of charge to semester participants
  • See country information from the U.S. Department of State on Germany

Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
Fall semester; Courses taught in English
Department of Legal Studies

Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Programs in Chinese Business Law and International Economic Law
Fall or spring semester; Courses taught in English

ESADE (Barcelona, Spain)
Fall semester; Courses taught in English and Spanish

Peking University Law School (Beijing, China)
Fall or spring semester; Courses taught in English and Chinese

Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Spring semester; Courses taught in English and Hebrew

University of Oxford (Oxford, England)
Centre for Socio-Legal StudiesProgramme in Comparative Media Law and Policy
Spring semester

The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) is a research and policy programme that brings together scholars, policymakers and practitioners to study contemporary issues in global media law and policy, with a particular interest in understanding media and governance in transitioning and fragile states.Students in this programme attend seminar series of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, engage in supervised research and take advantage of lectures and other resources in Oxford.  This opportunity is excellent for self-motivated students interested in comparative media law and policy, particularly those who have or wish to have a research agenda. 

University of Paris X-Nanterre (Paris, France)
Fall or spring semester; Courses taught in French

University of Roma Tre (Rome, Italy)
Fall or spring semester; Courses taught in English

University of Sydney Law School (Sydney, Australia)
Fall or spring semester; Courses taught in English

Please check this website often and contact the Office of Graduate and International Programs for the most updated information.

Independent Study Abroad

In some cases, students may receive permission to study abroad at other institutions through an individual study abroad program.  Students must make a compelling case that their educational objectives may be met at the other institution but not at Cardozo. 

Students interested in studying abroad in a program not covered by a Cardozo exchange have two options:

  • Direct enrollment into the foreign university law school: Students selecting this option must provide certification that the foreign law school is officially recognized in that country as legal education and must seek admission into the foreign law school.  Students are responsible for ensuring that the classes will be available and that the foreign calendar works with the Cardozo system.  Those interested in this option may begin research into foreign law schools through the Internet Legal Research Group's Guide to Study Abroad by clicking on the region of interest under "Index of All Foreign Law Schools."
  • Through an ABA approved semester abroad program coordinated by an American law school: Please note that these programs will be largely composed of other American students and will not be direct enrollment in a foreign law school. Please see the ABA foreign study website for more information. 

In the past few years, Cardozo students have arranged independent study abroad programs at the following institutions:

Cardozo students have also studied abroad in ABA-approved programs through:

Students interested in pursuing an independent study abroad opportunity must fill out the application for study abroad above and should make an appointment to see the Office of Graduate and International Programs to discuss their options.

Transfer of Credit

As a condition to receiving credit for the semester, students:

  • Must have, at least, a 3.00 grade point average prior to the study abroad semester. 
  • Must submit a hard copy of course titles, credit hours, and descriptions to George Mendoza or Val Myteberi for approval in advance. Failure to receive advance approval will jeopardize credit transfer. If you hold an editorial position on a journal, you must arrange for your editor-in-chief to authorize you to complete your responsibilities abroad.  Staff members on a journal must also notify their board of their intent to study abroad. 
  • Must earn a letter grade of C or better to receive transfer credit. No credit will be awarded for courses taken on pass/fail or other non-letter grade basis.  (Please note: Grades do not transfer, and are not included in a student’s grade point average.)
  • Must register for a full-time course load in order to fulfill residency requirements.
  • Must not duplicate course work taken at Cardozo.
  • May not use credits from study abroad to accelerate graduation date.
  • Will fulfill the Category IV distribution requirement but may not be used to satisfy any additional required Cardozo courses for graduation.
  • May not transfer more than 4 credits of law-related graduate coursework from outside a Faculty of Law toward their J.D. degree. All requests to transfer credit from outside a Faculty of Law must be accompanied by the faculty member’s biography.


All students who study abroad are required to register at and pay full tuition and fees to Cardozo.  Some fees to the host institution may apply.

Students may apply for financial aid to cover tuition charges as well as living expenses and travel costs for an approved semester abroad. For further information about financial aid, students should contact the Office of Student Finance in Room 1024.