Cardozo Law students participate in wide variety of student organizations that reflect the diverse student body and the welcoming community we aspire to build. Dozens of active groups allow students to participate in educational, social, athletic, and professional activities. Every year our OUTLAW group celebrates Pride Week in NYC and also presents the Nathanial C. Gates award to accomplished LGBTQ lawyers who are members of the LGBTQ community. The Black and Latino Law Student Association hosts an annual dinner celebrating diversity and honoring members of the legal profession who have pushed forward in the face of adversity.  Student organizations such as the Art Law Society collaborate with the law schools major centers, including the FAME Center, co-hosting events and symposia. Each group selects its leadership and activities, which range from social gatherings to intellectual forums, networking events and annual dinners.

The Student Bar Association (SBA), Cardozo's student government, is an umbrella organization overseeing student groups and organizations. The SBA determines the budget of each approved student group and ensures that funds are spent properly.

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Student Organizations

American Constitution Society
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
Black Law Students Association (BLSA)
Business Law Society
Cardozo Art Law Society
Cardozo Criminal Law Society (CCLS)
Cardozo Data Law Society  - Formerly (CLIC)
Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society (CDRS)
Cardozo Environmental Law Society (CELS)
Cardozo For Immigrant Rights and Equality (FIRE)
Cardozo International Law Society (CILS)
Cardozo Labor and Employment Law Society (CLELS)
Cardozo Startup Law Society
Cardozo Students for Human Rights
Chabad at Cardozo
Courtroom Advocates Project
Cross Border Practice Society 
Entertainment Law Society
Environmental Law Society
Family Law Society - Formerly Family Law Club
Fashion Law Society
Federalist Society
Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS)
Interactive Entertainment Law Society
Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)
Korean American Law Students Association (KALSA)
Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA)
Law Revue
Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, Cardozo Chapter
Minority Law Students Association (MLSA)
Muslim Law Student Association (MSA)
National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
Philosophy and Law Society (PALS)
Public Interest Law Student Association (PILSA)
Real Estate Law Association (RELA)
Southeast Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)
Sports Law Society (SLS)
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)
Suspension Representation Project (SRP)
Tax Law Society
Unemployment Action Center (UAC)
Women in Tech Law 
Women's Law Initiative

American Constitution Society

The Cardozo Student Chapter of the American Constitution Society (ACS) believes that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. ACS works for positive change by shaping debate on vitally important legal and constitutional issues through development and promotion of high-impact ideas to opinion leaders and the media; by building networks of lawyers, law students, judges and policymakers dedicated to those ideas; and by countering the activist conservative legal movement that has sought to erode our enduring constitutional values. By bringing together powerful, relevant ideas and passionate, talented people, ACS makes a difference in the constitutional, legal and public policy debates that shape our democracy.

Art Law Society

The purpose of the Cardozo Art Law Society is for students with an interest in the subject to discuss developments and trends in the field, meet with legal practitioners and other related professionals, such as artists, curators and collectors, and to build Cardozo's reputation as a leader in this emerging niche practice area.



Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

The purpose of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is to increase awareness of Asian American issues and to foster a community for students interested in such topics.


Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Associa­tion (BLSA), affiliated with the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA), provides support, encouragement, and advice to students who identify themselves as African American, Caribbean, or African. BLSA member­ship is open to all Cardozo students and provides valu­able programming to inform and enlighten its members and the Cardozo community at large. BLSA serves its members and local community through many programs, including: participation in the annual Cardozo Horizons orientation program; exam prep programs and outlining workshops; mentoring program; networking programs with alumni; and social programming—including the Black History Month Celebration, which features live performances of poetry, spoken word, and song. The event is a celebration of black history and culture with plenty of food and music.


Business Law Society

The Cardozo Business Law Society is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to interact and network with lawyers and other professionals in the business community while providing a forum for like-minded individuals to discuss trending topics in the area of business law. The Society encourages the exploration of contemporary issues in business law through a variety of student and alumni events while also aiming to educate members, raise awareness of opportunities available in the field, and facilitate the development of professional contacts.


 Cardozo Advocates for Kids

Cardozo Advocates for Kids (CAK) aims to facilitate social, political and institutional change in order to bring justice to victims of childhood sexual abuse. Through lobbying legislators to reforming the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases; hosting academic events; fostering relations between scholars and the community; and initiating grassroots action; the organization hopes to bring about awareness and results. CAK also aims to educate the community about other matters related to the effects of laws on children including, but not limited to, issues in family law and education law.


Cardozo Criminal Law Society

The Cardozo Criminal Law Society (CCLS) is the only active student organization that focuses solely on the criminal law.  The club has both defense- and prosecution-minded members, as well as students interested in systematic reform, prisoners’ rights, and academic/theoretical issues surrounding crime and punishment.  Each year, CCLS puts on a number of substantive panels and workshops, as well as social gatherings and networking events with alumni and other criminal law practitioners from the New York/New Jersey area.  CCLS also has two committees that give 1Ls and interested upperclassmen the opportunity to plan events and conduct outreach to alumni and the community.


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Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society

The Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society (CDRS) is a student chapter of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Dispute Resolution Section that broadens educational and professional opportunities for students. Members of the CDRS create programs that complement the curriculum, including skill-developing workshops and panels with experts who explore specialized areas or respond to current events.  The Society also supports various ABA competitions and advances such recent initiatives as brown bag lunches with ADR practitioners, mediation workshops, a film festival that relates to ADR, and teaching dispute resolution in local middle and high schools.  CDRS is also a university chapter of Mediators Beyond Borders, an organization that partners with communities in troubled locations to build their conflict resolution capacity.


Cardozo Environmental Law Society

Through educational events, panels, volunteer activities and outdoor excursions, the Cardozo Environmental Law Society (CELS) seeks to raise student awareness of environmental issues, both legal and otherwise, and foster a community of environmentally-conscious students at Cardozo Law. CELS explores how mindful communities and effective lawyering can help address the important local, national, and international environmental challenges of our time. 


Cardozo For Immigrant Rights and Equality (FIRE)

For Immigrant Rights and Equality (FIRE) is a club dedicated to discussing the plight of immigrants in the United States in a legal context. The main purpose is to educate Cardozo students about important immigration law topics and bring in experts in the field to discuss issues that affect the immigrant community of the United States. The club's goal is to educate and get as many students interested in immigration law as possible.


Cardozo International Law Society

Cardozo's International Law Society (CILS) serves to provide an engaging educational and networking experience tailored to those interested in learning about international law and those who are interested in practicing international law. CILS hopes to actively cultivate an environment within the Cardozo community committed to making the law school a stimulating environment for international law education.



Cardozo Jurist

The Cardozo Jurist is the independent, student-run newspaper of Cardozo Law School. We publish monthly and you can find the paper on newsstands around campus. For more information, visit our website


Cardozo Labor and Employment Law Society

Cardozo Labor and Employment Law Society (CLELS) acts as the main student clearinghouse for those interested in labor and employment law. The society plans subject related events, provides career guidance and networking opportunities, and advocates for increased focus and class offerings in related classes. The society is non-partisan and works only to increase interest and activity in the field.


Cardozo Law & Internet Club 

The mission of Cardozo Law & Internet Club (CLIC) is to promote interest of issues at the intersection of law, internet and technology among Cardozo students, to aid in their information about the field, and to provide them with connections to practitioners in the field. CLIC will support the efforts of other groups and activities that are associated with internet law, in addition to holding its own events and provide opportunities for law students to interest with internet law attorneys. Special emphasis will be placed on practitioners related to Cardozo's emerging efforts in the Tech Startup Clinic and Data Law Initiative, as well as the areas of E-Discovery and 'tech law' firms offering emerging alternatives to traditional legal enterprises.


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Cardozo Sports Law Society

Who are we?

  • The Cardozo Sports Law Society is an organization comprised of students who share an interest in sports law and come together to share their knowledge and learn more about those interests through educational and networking events.

What do we do?

  • Prepare Cardozo students for a successful career in the sports law industry through experiences such as speaker series, writing competitions, arbitration competitions, networking events and other such activities both at Cardozo and throughout the country.

What are our goals?

  • To provide members with invaluable litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience, specifically tailored to the sports law field.
  • To initiate networking opportunities throughout the New York and national sports law industry and to become a premier sports law program that the top firms, teams and leagues want to recruit     from.
  • We encourage hands-on experiences and participation by members throughout the school year, both within the confines of Cardozo and throughout the country at various sports law negotiation competitions.
  • We hope to cultivate a strong sports law environment at the school such that Cardozo alumni in the industry are enticed to give back and share their experiences.

As a further goal, we would like to petition the school to include more sports law classes as well as a sports law concentration.

Our ultimate goal is to create a sports law environment here at Cardozo that attracts promising students who have an expressed interest in the field and who may have attended other law schools, or undergraduate universities, with such programs.


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Cardozo Startup Society 

The Cardozo Startup Society is dedicated to preparing Cardozo students for successful careers providing early business support, regulation, and legal counsel in the New York startup community. The society serves to facilitate networking and extracurricular learning tailored to students who share an interest in innovation, early-stage startups, and successful small businesses. 


Cardozo Students For Human Rights

Cardozo Students for Human Rights (CSHR) aims to raise awareness and interest in human rights law. The group hosts events (such as panel discussions, film screenings and informational presentations) addressing pressing human rights concerns, and gives a platform for students to engage with practitioners in the field. CSHR also organizes school-wide community service projects each year and collaborates with other student groups when an opportunity arises.

Past events include a panel discussion on human rights issues in Syria, film series a panel on voter ID laws, and LGBT legislation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Events currently in development involve a panel on sex trafficking in India, the anti-LGBT law in Russia and its developments for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, a film screening on human rights violations in Chile, and a general information luncheon about human rights careers.


Cardozo Women's Law Initiative (WLI)

The Cardozo Women's Law Initiative (WLI) is a student-run group that aims to provide social and substantive events for Cardozo students. We aim to celebrate women's achievements, foster a supportive environment, and encourage professional and academic development by facilitating events attended by students, faculty, and legal practitioners.


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Family Law Society

The Family Law Society was established for the expressed purpose of developing networking skills and fostering an interest in family law, as well as an awareness of family law issues, to encourage students to participate in this type of practice.


Federalist Society

The Cardozo Federalist Society is founded on the proposition that free markets and individual liberties are the presumptive principles from which American legal and political decisions should be made. We strive to educate the populace on the historic development of American civic culture, as well as demonstrate the continuing value of established American principles in our contemporary society. We stand for flexibility in the face of intransigence, and practicality in the face of rigidity. We firmly believe that, through continued vigilance and an unyielding dedication to those classic liberal principles passed down from our forefathers, we can truly achieve the betterment of our society and a more prosperous nation for all.


Jewish Law Students Association

The Cardozo Jewish Law Student's Association runs several social and educational events throughout the year. The social events provide a relaxing break from school; educational events provide more information about issues of particular concern to Jewish students or those interested in Jewish related matters. JLSA also serves as a liaison to school administrators on issues impacting Jewish students. All events are open to the entire school community and membership is not limited to Jewish students. 


Korean American Law Students Association (KALSA)

The Korean American Law Students Association (KALSA) was established to support students with a specialized interest in Korean and Korean-American culture. KALSA aims to provide great new programs and services in our first full year of operation, and plans annual fall festivals to celebrate the Korean holiday Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving.


Latin American Law Students Association

The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) works to build ties with the Latino legal community, providing current students with information about internships, job fairs, firm receptions, and networking opportunities. The association also reaches out to the general Latino community. 

Throughout the year, executive board members email students with opportunities, panels, networking receptions, and articles of interest. Through the group's social events, mentor programs and co-sponsorships, it seeks to become an influential part of the Cardozo community. At Thanksgiving, LALSA hosts a pot-luck dinner at the school. In the spring, the group throws a large "Fiesta" event. In recent years, Fiesta featured a live salsa band, capoeira dancing, and Latin American and Caribbean food. LALSA also sponsors out-of-school social events, such as salsa nights and jazz club outings.


Law Revue

Law Revue is Cardozo's premiere entertainment and performance group. Members of Law Revue engage in a variety of performance and entertainment pursuits, including creating an original sketch, musical, and video variety show written by law students and featuring Cardozo students, professors, administrators, and staff. The group thoroughly lampoons everything law and law school related for the purposes of hilarity, and reflecting on the Cardozo experience. A beloved Cardozo tradition.

Minority Law Student's Alliance

The Minority Law Student Alliance is the umbrella group for Cardozo's diversity affinity groups. MLSA's purpose is to act as a unified body to foster support of events, initiatives and programs among the groups within the affinity groups through resource pooling and intellectual discourse; to further its members' academic enrichment and success; to advocate for the needs of underrepresented students; to increase the Cardozo community's awareness of general legal and social issues that affect minority students in the United States and abroad; to collectively engage in community service events and promote minority student recruitment; and to ensure that graduates and current members remain connected through BALLSA's alumni network and annual alumni reception.


Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) aims to promote the professional needs and goals of Muslim law students, foster and encourage professional competence, influence the legal community to bring out meaningful change to meet the needs of the Muslim community, create a safe space for Muslim students at Cardozo Law, promote a greater understanding of Muslims and Islam on campus, and facilitate the professional and academic development of its members. The MSA also aims to promote interfaith dialogue and solidarity on the Cardozo campus. This organization is open to all Cardozo Law students.


National Lawyers Guild

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is a national legal bar association comprised of lawyers, legal-workers, community activists, jailhouse lawyers and concerned citizens who envision the law as an instrument for the protection of all people, regardless of race, class, age, sexual preference, gender identity, disability or immigration status.  Since its inception in 1937, the NLG has built an extensive network of public interest and human rights activists, and remains a powerful proponent of social justice in America’s legal system. 

Cardozo's NLG Chapter is committed to exploring the law as a means for social change. We coordinate with the New York City Chapter of the NLG, other law school chapters, and public interest oriented student groups within Cardozo to organize social and educational programs on campus and around the City.  These events encourage a progressive approach to the practice of law so as to provide greater access to justice, prevent discrimination within the legal system, and extend and safeguard the rights of individuals.  



OUTlaw is Cardozo’s pioneer student group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgen­der, queer, and intersex students and their allies. OUTlaw organizes meetings, educational panels, and social activities to advance LGBTQI rights and issues. One of the group’s prominent events is an annual reception in which the E. Nathaniel Gates Award, established in honor of a beloved Cardozo profes­sor, is presented to notable Cardozo LGBT alumni. Past recipients include a Tony Award winner, two lawyers at the forefront of LGBT immigration rights, and the HIV-positive attorney and his counsel chronicled in the movie Philadelphia.


Philosophy and Law Society

The Philosophy and Law Society (PALS) was founded to give students and faculty a chance to discuss the interesting moral and ethical questions that arise naturally during a study of law, but would be inappropriate and/or off-topic to discuss during class. Since the interpretations of the law are informed by the moral and ethical beliefs of the reader, learning about beliefs separate from their own will allow current and future lawyers to better promote an outcome favorable for their clients if they understand a greater breadth of beliefs and belief systems. However, PALS will not focus only on law-related topics, but topics that are relevant to the community and world at large. By providing panels of enlightened speakers on important topics, PALS hopes to encourage deeper, more philosophical thought in both standing members and the community.

Real Estate Law Association

The Real Estate Law Association (RELA) represents the student body’s interest in real estate law; members include students concentrating in real estate with intent to work in the field as well as those who are unsure of their interests. We aim to expose students to the various options available as a real estate lawyer often including, but not limited to financing, zoning, development and investment. Collaborating with prominent alumni and other professionals in the real estate legal sphere, we host an array of events throughout the year from larger CLE events, to smaller panel and networking events. These events allow students to expand their understanding of the different facets of real estate law as well as build their professional network by connecting with these accomplished individuals.

Past events included speakers from Kirkland & Ellis, Katsky Korins and Rosenberg & Estis discussing notable real estate projects such as One World Trade and Atlantic Yards. Members are also informed of outside networking events and organizations related to real estate law to further expand their professional network. Additionally, RELA also works to be the voice of the study body’s concerns in regard to real estate law. We actively work to meet the needs and concerns of our members by presenting those needs directly to the administration, allowing us to be true agents of change with respect to the real estate curriculum at Cardozo. For example, the association has successfully petitioned to reintroduce real estate related courses, which were discontinued.


Southeast Asian Law Students Association

The South Asian Law Students Association gathers South Asians and those with an interest in South Asian culture to hold social and networking events.


Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at Cardozo is an affiliate of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and shares in its mission to advance the welfare of animals through the legal system.  The group seeks to provide a forum for interested students on anti-cruelty initiatives and legal issues pertaining to the field of animal rights.  Past speakers have discussed the First Amendment rights of activists, the impact of factory farming on animals and the environment, the process of mediating a dispute over pet custody, tactics that can transform a non-profit organization into a force to be reckoned with in local politics, and numerous other topics pertaining to animal law. 

A compassionate society will inevitably conclude that innocents should not be made to suffer, even if those innocents lack the power to speak on their own behalf. This hardly seems controversial; the law protects human children because without legal protection they would be abused.  Non-human animals cry out in pain, mourn the dead, and panic in confinement.  Although they are not human, they possess every characteristic that is relevant to victimhood.  At the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, we take seriously the notion that the law should protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Suspension Representation Project

The Suspension Representation Project trains Cardozo students in representing New York City public school students during the Department of Education suspension hearings, in order to safeguard their rights to due process and education.


Tax Law Society

The Tax Law Society promotes tax law and organizes events surrounding the subject of tax law.


Unemployment Action Center

The Unemployment Action Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to representing unemployed individuals throughout New York City in administrative hearings for their unemployment insurance. New York State's fault based system of unemployment insurance leads to many unemployed individuals contesting their ineligibility for benefits. Cardozo advocates meet with claimants, process their claims, plan a theory for the case, and act as lead counsel for the claimants in administrative hearings.