December 7, 2018

Lyor Cohen's appearance at Cardozo on December 5, an event organized by the FAME Center, was the focus of an article in Rolling Stone. Cohen, the Global Head of Music at YouTube and Google, was interviewed by Cardozo alumnus Waleed Diab '04, Director of North America Record Label Business Development for YouTube and Google.

Cohen's remarks focused on the future of music, including the rise of streaming services in the music industry as well as "democraticizing" music.

The article says Cohen was "predicting, among other things, 'that streaming services are going to drive the business into a new “golden age” that we’ve only started to see. This is going to be a huge, huge industry. I believe lots of money is going to be made because of subscription and advertising. And right now, the people who’ve survived the last 20 years of consolidation have been career employees — very thoughtful people who’ve preserved their gigs — and as the business expands, we’re going to need more characters. It’s a character-driven business. I think the only thing we’re waiting for is the impresario.'” 

Cohen also commented on the idea of the traditional album. When asked if he thinks the traditional idea of the music album is dead, Cohen said: "I know this is unpopular, but, you know, this business started as a singles business. And then someone said man, if we could pour a little more oil and get a bigger platter, we could sell more. It was a business move."
“The FAME center at Cardozo is the place for law students to understand creative industries where decisions related to brand and intellectual property are made in real-time with enormous consequences to the bottom line,” said Melanie Leslie, Dean and Dr. Samuel Belkin Professor of Law. 
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