At Cardozo, students who enroll in our May-entry program have more time to thrive during the first year of law school.

May-entry students:

  • Take first-year courses over three semesters – summer, fall and spring – and still graduate from Cardozo in three years.
  • Attend fall and spring first-year classes with fall-entry students, and learn from the same renowned faculty as students who start in the fall.
  • Automatically join the traditional full-time program in their second year, and graduate with fall-entry students in three years.

Annual tuition for the May program is equivalent to the tuition set for the fall full-time program. First-year tuition will be billed over the three semesters.

May-entry students take the following courses:

Summer Semester (10 credits)

  • Contracts (5 credits)
  • Criminal Law (3 credits)
  • Elements of Law (2 credits)

Fall Semester (10 credits)

  • Civil Procedure (5 credits)
  • Torts (4 credits)
  • Lawyering Skills and Legal Writing I (1 credit)

Spring Semester (10 credits)

  • Property (5 credits)
  • Constitutional Law (3 credits)
  • Lawyering Skills and Legal Writing II (2 credits)

Application Deadline
Applications for the May-entry class should be submitted as soon as possible. The latest LSAT accepted is the February administration. 

An applicant may only submit one application per academic year—i.e., an applicant may not submit an application for both May 2020 and fall 2020 terms.

View this video to hear more from a Cardozo alumna who participated in the May program.  

If you'd like more information, email