• My New York: Kori M. Clanton '15

    My New York
    The clinic experience made the connection between the classroom and clients for Kori Clanton '15
  • My New York: Danny Sternberg '15

    My New York
    Danny Sternberg discusses the Civil Rights Clinic and how Cardozo prepared him for the legal world.
  • My New York: Alexandra Simmerson '14

    Innovative Legal Programs
    Cardozo Law alumna Alexandra Simmerson '14 discusses the FAME Center and studying fashion law in NYC.
  • My New York: Brian Budnick

    Beautiful Downtown Neighborhood
    "Cardozo is in an urban environment, but you feel you can get away for an afternoon." -Brian Budnick '11
  • My New York: Robyn Mohr '13

    Robust Career Opportunities
    "Being a student downtown, we have access to many of the large media companies. I don't know if I would have had that experience if I had gone to school somewhere else." -Robyn Mohr '13
  • A Supportive Community
    Ben Cooper graduated in 2014 and is working at a corporate law firm. "Career support was key," he says in this interview.
  • Cardozo Law Campus Video Tour

    Cardozo Video Tour
    Cardozo is a vibrant community with deep connections to New York City.
  • My New York: Rachel Rivero

    An International City
    Living in New York City helped Rachel Rivero '12 immerse herself in international and human rights law.

The Cardozo student body comes from more than 135 diverse undergraduate institutions. They bring with them a wide cross section of skills, backgrounds and experiences that enhance the life of the school.

Cardozo Law is located in the heart of Manhattan and at the center of the legal world. The neighborhoods surrounding Cardozo are teeming with culture, art and world-class cuisine. Students thrive in the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the school.

New York City’s museums, sports arenas, clubs, theaters and concert venues offer a break from students’ studies. Urban life includes sights such as the windows of Fifth Avenue, the scenic waterfront, the High Line and Washington Square Park. And then there’s the food—from “Little Tokyo” on St. Mark’s Place, to cozy village gastropubs and bakeries, to Chinatown’s dumpling counters, New York cuisine offers something for every palate.

The Cardozo building includes the Kathryn O. and Alan C. Greenberg Center for Student Life with its spacious lounge, the Dr. Lillian and Dr. Rebecca Chutick Law Library, which boasts an exceptionally comprehensive reference collection, as well as the Jacob Burns Moot Court, where many of the school’s conferences and symposia take place. 

Cardozo Law offers a welcoming community, where students and faculty members are committed to fostering warm and spirited student life.