Internships provide students with research and writing experience that will be an asset in the future and also allow students to explore substantive areas of law in which they may have interest, but no previous experience. Finally, attorneys and other interns with whom students work in internships may become valuable contacts for future employment.

Students may not receive academic credit for internships during the summer.  For questions involving summer internships when an employer requires academic credit for the experience, contact Sherry Ann Smith in the OCS office.

During the academic year, students may receive credit for participation in several internships administered by OCS.  These internships are the following: 

  • Intellectual Property Externship
  • Heyman/ACCA Internship
  • Credited Internship Program
  • New York Law Department Internship is a website that currently lists over 800 internship opportunities and contacts for thousands of legal employers in the public sector.  It is a service Cardozo subscribes to for all students of the law school.  Students should use this resource in finding school year and summer internships in addition to contacts for full time employment.