Hire a Recent Graduate
Our recent graduates have practical experience in a variety of areas of the law.  Bright and enthusiastic, recent graduates are poised to contribute to your organization.  To receive more information, contact Leila Faridi at leila.faridi@yu.edu or fill out this form

 List a Job
The Center for Career Advancement and Professionalism maintains an online job database for our students and alumni that is accessible 24/7 via Symplicity.  To gain access to the database, first time users need to register online. Once approved, you will be able to log in at your convenience and post, alter and remove job listings for students and alumni.

Alternately, employers wishing to post a job without creating a Symplicity account can complete this on-line form.

Summer Hiring
Our 1L and 2L students actively apply and interview for summer roles throughout the fall and spring semester.  You may post a summer role via Symplicity, or by contacting our Recruitment Manager, David Adams, dadams@yu.edu.

Cardozo Law School offers private employers the opportunity to interview hire law students to work during the summer after their first full year.  Cardozo will host employers who are interested in hiring first year law students for the summer for an on-campus employer fair in the spring.  We are also happy to arrange an interview schedule on-campus or in your office.  Contact David Adams, dadams@yu.edu, for more information.  Registration begins in early December and is rolling.

Fall Recruitment
Recruitment for the Class of 2020 will be released in Spring 2018. Check back for more information as the Fall semester approaches. 

If you have any questions about on campus recruiting, contact our Recruitment Manager, David Adams, dadams@yu.edu.

On-Campus Interviews
On campus interview dates are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Interviews can be 20 or 30 minutes, and employers may request a full- or half-day schedule.  There is no charge for first time employers interviewing on campus, firms with less than 50 attorneys and public sector employers.  For all other employers there is a $350 fee. 

Resume Collect
Our office will pre-screen applicants based on the objective criteria that an employer provides us. We will forward those resumes that most nearly match an employer's hiring needs. After an employer has identified resumes of interest, the employer has the option of inviting the students to interview at the employer's offices or, if more convenient, scheduling a block of time to interview those students at Cardozo.

Direct Mail
Students write directly to the employer with their resume and credentials by a certain date selected by the employer. Students are then notified directly by the employers if selected for an interview.