Each class’s Reunion Committee focuses on outreach to encourage classmates to participate in Reunion.  As an active member of your Reunion Committee, you serve as both a class leader and liaison between your peers and Cardozo.

Reunion Committee Volunteer Description

As a Committee member you will be asked to:

  • Help plan and suggest programming for the two-day Reunion
  • Participate in 4-5 Reunion Committee conference calls between January and June
  • Attend your Reunion Celebration and make a gift to the Law School in honor of your Reunion
  • Author communications from the committee to the class encouraging your classmates to attend Reunion and make a gift to the Law School

Law School staff will provide Committee members with comprehensive and ongoing support by:

  • Assisting with Committee recruitment
  • Scheduling conference calls and providing agendas
  • Providing insights to help committees make decisions and set goals
  • Drafting communications from the committee to the class for your review and handling the logistical details of distributing messages to your classmates
  • Recognizing that your time is valuable and there are limitations on your availability given professional and family commitments


If you are interested in joining your classmates and planning your Reunion please contact Erin Handler at ehandler@yu.edu for more information.