Lela P. Love

Professor of Law

Director, Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution

Director, Cardozo Mediation Clinic


B.A., 1973, Harvard University

M.Ed., 1975, Virginia Commonwealth University

J.D., 1979, Georgetown University



In addition to two decades of teaching, training, consulting and writing in the dispute resolution field, Professor Love serves as a mediator, arbitrator and dispute resolution consultant in a wide range of cases. Since 1985, with Cardozo students, she has mediated hundreds of community, civil court and employment discrimination cases. Independently, she has served as the mediator of family, human rights, civilian and police-officer, school-based and commercial cases.  She has arbitrated numerous cases in NYC Civil Court, Small Claims Court and Attorney-Client Fee Disputes. Her mediation of a public policy dispute in Glen Cove, NY, brought widespread publicity to the use of mediation in resolving complex litigation.
Professor Love serves on the Council of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section and the NYS Unified Court System Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Committee.
In addition to her work in ADR, she developed and directed the Small Business Clinic at George Washington University's National Law Center. She is a member of the Bar in New York, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia.
Professor Love is the Director of Cardozo's Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution, the sixth ranked alternative dispute resolution program in the country*, and the Cardozo Mediation Clinic.
For further information, see Professor Lela Love's CV.
*U.S. News & World Report

Honors and Awards

 •Monrad G. Paulsen Award from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law “in recognition of devoted service to the ideals and purposes of Legal Education” with other members of the clinical faculty (1998)
ADR Achievement Award from the Association of Conflict Resolution of Greater New York (2012)
Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Mediators (2012)
Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Civil Trial Mediators (2010)
“Front Line Champion” Award at the Association of the Bar of NYC on Mediation Settlement Day (2009)
Honored on Recognition Night by the Network for Peace Through Dialogue (2009)
Award from Victim Services Mediation Programs "in appreciation for years of unwavering commitment, support, training, guidance, mediation and friendship" (1997)
•Honorary Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators (1997)
Citation from City of Glen Cove for mediating a long-standing dispute between the city and Salvadoran day laborers (1993)

Mediation and Arbitration Training Programs

•NY County Lawyers Association, Part 137/Fee Dispute Arbitration Training, The 1st and 12th (Manhattan and Bronx) Judicial Districts, (2/13)
•Deusto University, Mediation Course (Bilbao, Spain 12/12)
•ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute, Breaking Impasse, (Boston, 11/12)
•New York State Bar Association/Dispute Resolution Section and Cardozo School of Law Commercial Arbitration Training (6/11)
•Safe Horizon Mediation Programs, Civil Court Training, (Brooklyn Mediation Center 9/08, 9/09)
•The Annual ADR Institute of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, Provision of Justice in Dispute Resolution: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Neutrals, (Philadelphia 2/08; Pittsburgh 3/08)
•ABA Annual Meeting, Mediate Better!!—Party, Counsel and Mediator Preparation for Mediation, Case-by-case Customization, Mediator Process and Subject Matter Experience, and Mediator Analytical Techniques (8/08, NYC)
•Association of Conflict Resolution-Greater New York Chapter 6th Annual Conference, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Neutrals and Panel on Mediator Confidentiality in NY in Light of the Hauzinger Case (6/08)
•ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Training, (San Antonio 10/07)
•Roundtable Mediation and Devine Millimet, Advanced Mediation Workshop (Bedford, NH, 4/07)
•New York City Bar Center for CLE, Representing Clients in Mediation: How To Be A Zealous Advocate Outside the Courtroom (11/06)
•ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Fifth Annual Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Training (Toronto 10/06)
•Suffolk County Supreme Court Mediation Training, 3 day Basic Mediation Training for matrimonial and guardianship attorneys to develop a panel of mediators in Long Island (4/06)
•Safe Horizon, Manhattan Mediation Center, New York City, Co-mediation Training for Community Mediators (3/05)
•Practicing Law Institute, New York City, Securities Arbitration and Mediation (broadcast live via satellite to over 70 locations) (12/03)
•U.S. Department of Justice, New York City, ADR Training for Assistant US Attorneys (with Jeff Senger) (11/03)
•State of NY, Office of Court Administration, full-day Arbitration Training for arbitrators of Attorney-Client Fee Disputes to qualify them for service on court panels: NY County Lawyers Association Joint Committee on Fee Disputes and Conciliation (11/10) (12/08); 1st and 12th Judicial Districts (2/07); NY County Lawyers Association Joint Committee on Fee Disputes and Conciliation (10/04); First and Twelfth Judicial Districts (5/03); First Judicial District, New York; Third Judicial District, Albany (2000); Eleventh Judicial District, Queens County; Twelfth Judicial District, the Bronx (1999); Tenth Judicial District, Central Islip (1999); First Judicial District, Manhattan (1999); Second Judicial District, Brooklyn (1998); Fifth Judicial District, Syracuse (1998); Nassau and Suffolk Counties (1997); Brooklyn, Bronx, Nassau, New York, Queens and Suffolk, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester Counties (1993-94)

Lectures, Presentations, and Professional Activities

•Presenter, Tips from the Mediation Clinic, the 12th Annual Conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York, (6/20/13)
•Lunch Address and Presenter, Ethics and Heuristics, NYS Bar Association Commercial Arbitration Training, (Cardozo School of Law 6/19/13)
•Presenter, Negotiating a Shared Solution: The Challenge of Effective Communication and Creative Problem Solving, John Corser Bioethics/NYC Health and Hospitals Corp. Symposium on Shared Decision Making (Harlem Hospital 5/7/13)
•Presenter, Representation in Mediation, NY Legal Assistance Group’s Storm Response Unit on Insurance Mediation (5/7/13 at NYLAG)
•Presenter, Staying Out of Court: Better Mediation in Trust and Estate Disputes, ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Program (5/3/13 in Washington, DC)
•Host and Speaker for a Delegation from Taiwan, including Mr. Wen-Lung CHENG, Partner, Justice Law Firm, Ms. Tsai-Shiuan LIN, Section Chief, Foreign Affairs Section, Pingtung County Police Bureau, and Ms. Fang-Ju YUEH, Prosecutor, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office (4/23/13 Cardozo Law School)
•Welcoming Remarks, 13th Annual International Advocate for Peace Award for President Jimmy Carter, Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution (4/10/13)
•Featured Speaker, Inside the Mind of a Mediator/Stories Mediators Tell, Southern California Mediators Association (3/22/13 in Santa Monica, CA, with Eleanor Barr and Lee Jay Berman)
•Featured Speaker, Stories Mediators Tell, UCLA School of Law Negotiation Colloquium (3/21/13 in Los Angeles, with Woody Mosten, Jeff Kichaven and Ken Cloke)
•Featured Speaker, Stories We Tell: First-Hand Accounts of Mediation and the Lessons We Learn, sponsored by the Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society, the New York Peace Institute, and the Center of Global Affairs’ Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation (PACT) Group (3/18/13 at Cardozo Law School)
•Faculty, Introduction to Law School: ADR for talented Yeshiva undergraduate students (2/15/13 at Cardozo Law School)
•Guest Speaker, The Ultimate Pet Care Tele-Summit (1/17/13 Broadcast)



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