The Dean of Students is the individual responsible for approval of requests in a variety of academic areas from students experiencing special circumstances. OSSA also handles all aspects of the administration of examinations.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances include requests for withdrawals from courses, reduced course loads, letters of good standing, and other academic requests. The Dean of Students also serves as the student liaison to the Academic Standards Committee for students whose academic standing is in jeopardy, as well as for students who are alleged to have violated the school's disciplinary code.


General information on examinations is included in the Cardozo Student Handbook, which can be found under the Student Handbook link on the left side. Each semester, a preliminary exam schedule is provided to all students with registration materials. Towards the end of the semester, OSSA posts an exam memorandum on InsideTrack/Luminis Portal in the "Exam" portlet. This memorandum includes a final copy of the examination schedule and complete information on all exam procedures and guidelines, along with rules and request forms for rescheduling and special arrangements. For more information on exam accommodations for disabilities, please see the Disability Accommodations link on the left side.

Exam room assignments are posted on the bulletin boards in the lobby near the 12th Street and 5th Ave. elevators the night before the scheduled exam.