Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question/concern/dilemma and I am not sure where to turn for guidance.


I have a question/concern/dilemma and I am not sure where to turn for guidance.

We welcome you to contact the Office of Student Services and Advising (OSSA) whenever you are not sure where to seek assistance. OSSA can answer your questions, provide you with support and/or refer you for assistance as necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by our office in room 1043, or email us at or call 212.790.0429.

How do I learn to study more effectively? Take better notes during class? Maximize exam performance? Improve my legal writing?

An adviser at OSSA can provide you with general guidance on maximizing your academic performance and tips on study techniques. Handouts on these subjects can also be found in the Office of Student Services and Advising.

In addition, you are encouraged to attend the Law school's various presentations on academic success including outlining sessions and exam sessions. 

The The Legal Writing Center at Cardozo also provides Helpful Documents for Effective Legal Writing, Research, Bluebooking and Exam Preparation.

For more individualized or extensive assistance, please contact Kim Ronning, Director of Academic Support at

What can I do if a family issue or medical problem interferes with my schoolwork?

Please schedule an appointment (which can be either in person or via telephone) with a member of OSSA as soon as you become aware of the problem.  If you need to leave town suddenly due to a family emergency, we can serve as a liaison with your professors.  If you have a short term illness that causes you to miss classes or a deadline, we can advise you regarding how to make up the work.  If the situation is likely to be a long term one, we will assist you in exploring and evaluating your options.

I believe that I have extenuating circumstances and need to drop a course, but the withdrawal period is over. What should I do?

The Dean of Students will be happy to meet with you to discuss your situation and evaluate your request.  Withdrawals from courses are liberally granted prior to the examination period, but a grade of “W” (“withdrew without penalty”) will be recorded.

I’m a J.D. student and need assistance selecting second and third-year classes based upon my academic and career goals. I am unsure about whether I should consider applying for a J.D. concentration and what the academic/career benefits may be. I also need assistance clarifying academic requirements.

Be sure to review the J.D. Guide to Course Selection available on the Registrar page of the Cardozo site. Then schedule an appointment at OSSA for additional guidance. Also, we recommend that you speak with a counselor in the Cardozo Office of Career Services (OCS).

I'm a LL.M. student and need academic advising. Who should I contact?

LL.M. students are encouraged to contact Val Myteberi, Assistant Dean, and/or George Mendoza, Program Director at the Office of Graduate and International Programs for curriculum guidance and advice at 212.790.0361 or 212.790.0325.