The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is three-fold:

  1. To ensure that all Cardozo graduates have the cultural competency to be effective attorneys and leaders;
  2. To cultivate and sustain an inclusive campus culture where students, faculty, administrators and staff of all backgrounds feel welcome and valued; and
  3. To provide support and guidance to students who are underrepresented based upon race, color, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition, age, creed, religion, socioeconomic status, ancestry, nationality, citizen or immigrant status, marital or civil union status, familial or parental status, veteran status and the intersectionalities thereof.

In accordance with its mission, the ODI will: 

  • Conduct research to routinely assess the campus climate and develop initiatives to strengthen Cardozo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • Provide resources and programming designed to educate the Cardozo community on topics relevant to diversity and inclusion;
  • Offer academic, professional and personal support to underrepresented and first generation law students as they navigate the challenges presented by law school and the legal profession;
  • Partner with Cardozo’s alumni and student affinity groups as well as local and state bar associations and organizations to facilitate community engagement;  and
  • Collaborate with all other Cardozo offices to ensure that Cardozo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in every facet of the “Cardozo experience” from admission to graduation and beyond.

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