Cardozo is located at 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street) in Manhattan, New York’s center of business, culture and visitor attractions. Streets in Manhattan are patterned as a grid. Avenues run north and south (uptown and downtown), and streets run east and west, with Fifth Avenue the dividing line between the east and west sides. See Frommer’s Guide for a detailed Manhattan orientation.

Located in historic Greenwich Village just two blocks south of bustling Union Square, Cardozo’s location provides easy access to transportation to all areas of the city.

The New York City subway system, which comprises 24 routes and 468 stations throughout five boroughs, has the fourth largest ridership in the world. Subway trains run 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. See the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for information, maps and service advisories. For subway directions, see the interactive site Hop Stop or download the iTransNYC app (iPhone) or the NYC Bus & Subway Maps app (Android).

Buses also operate 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Manhattan buses generally stop every three to four blocks. “Limited stop” routes stop less frequently than regular routes. Bus maps are available through the MTA Web site.

Free subway and bus maps are also available from any subway station booth.

Bus and subway fare is $2.50 per ride, paid through a pre-paid card called a MetroCard. MetroCards can be used on a pay-per-ride basis or can be purchased to provide unlimited access on a weekly or monthly basis.  

Taxicabs/Car Service
Taxis in Manhattan are generally easily hailed at any curb. Available taxis will have their medallion number on the middle of the roof lit and will charge according to the metered fare. Taxi drivers must take you anywhere in New York City and to Newark airport. Nominal tips of 10–15% are standard. Fare information, complaint forms and lost property inquiries can be found at the Taxi and Limousine Commission.  

Yellow cabs are generally unavailable outside of Manhattan. Instead, local car services may be phoned to pick you up and drive you to your destination for a predetermined fee.