In an impressive display of support for the importance of CJL’s mission, some of the world’s leading judges, academics, and intellectuals have agreed to serve as members of the Center's academic advisory board. The board, composed of individuals who appreciate the contribution that Jewish law can make to the understanding of law and who also recognize the critical importance of reshaping the study of Jewish law in light of modern legal thought, serves as an important piece of CJL’s institutional infrastructure.

Justice Aharon Barak

Justice Stephen Breyer

Professor Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School

Professor George Fletcher, Columbia Law School

Professor Ruth Gavison, Hebrew University Law School

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Mr. Nathan Lewin

Judge Michael McConnell

Professor Fania Oz-Salzberger, Haifa University Law School

Professor Bernhard Schlink, Humboldt University, Berlin

Professor Adam Seligman, Boston University

Professor Haym Soloveitchik, Yeshiva University

Professor Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study

Professor Ernest Weinrib, University of Toronto Law School