ITRANS – Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program

In JANUARY 2014 we launched The Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program as a ten-day immersion course, where students participated in a meaningful and engaging simulation of transactional practice. Essential skills like drafting, client consultation, matter management and negotiation were taughed through interactive workshops and guided practice sessions. Summary of the case that the students worked on this January: The period between signing and closing a transaction often poses the greatest challenge to the terms of an acquisition agreement. Has a condition failed? Is there a breach of a representation and warranty? What are the rights of each party? And where is the leverage? This case involves the purchase of Butler Diagnostics, a medical diagnostics company, by American Medical Laboratories, one of the industry leaders. Subsequent to entering into the stock purchase agreement for the deal, certain adverse events took place, leading to a renegotiation of the agreement. Eight teams (of two students each) were called on to draft and negotiate the amendment that will get the deal back on track. The case provided a complete overview of the provisions of an acquisition agreement and the acquisition process. The program was very successful and will continue to be offered each January. 


National Transactional LawMeets

This FEBRUARY 2014, Cardozo hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meet for the 2014 Transactional LawMeet. Now in its fifth year, the meet is the country’s premier transactional law competition, designed to give law students a hands-on experience in developing and honing transactional lawyering skills. Last year, under the initiative and the supervision of The Heyman Center, Cardozo’s team won First Place in the Mid-Atlantic Region, advancing to the National Rounds. Eighty-Six teams from around the country participated in one of the seven regional meets held this February. Cardozo School of Law, Northwestern University Law School, UCLA Law School, UMKC School of Law, University of Georgia School of Law and Western New England University School of Law each hosted 12 regional teams, and the winners of the six regional meets advanced to the national competition, which will take place in April 2014 at the offices . The Heyman Center played a crucial role in selecting and preparing the Cardozo teams, and also in organizing all the logistics of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meet. This competition has given us another avenue to working closely with Heyman and Cardozo alumni, who have volunteered as coaches, judges and advisors during all the stages of this practical learning program, allowing them to build new bonds and relationships with Cardozo and to shape and mentor its students.