ITRANS – Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program

In January 2014 we launched the Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program as a two-week immersion course, where students participate in a meaningful and engaging simulation of transactional practice.The course covers various topics, including contract drafting, transactional issue analysis, negotiations, client communication, matter management, due diligence, preparation of closing documents and client service, all through interactive workshops and guided practice sessions designed to give students opportunities to develop their skills.  The course ends with a final deal negotiation.  Experienced lawyers in transactional practice play the role of clients, coaches and observers.  Together with Cardozo faculty, they provide feedback throughout the program and critique the final negotiations of the deal. A recent brochure detailing the specifics of the program can be found here: ITRANS Brochure 2018 (FINAL).pdf and an article about ITRANS can be found HERE


Transactional Law Competitions

Cardozo sends students each year to compete in various transactional law competitions, including the 2019 Duke Transactional Law Competition and the Transactional LawMeet. Cardozo has also hosted various LawMeets competitions, including in Spring of 2014 and Fall of 2016. The Heyman Center played a crucial role in selecting and preparing the Cardozo teams, including by having Heyman professors serve as coaches, and also in organizing all the logistics of the Regional Meets hosted by Cardozo. This competition has given us another avenue to working closely with Heyman and Cardozo alumni, who have volunteered as coaches, judges and advisors during all the stages of this practical learning program, allowing them to build new bonds and relationships with Cardozo and to shape and mentor its students.