The Heyman Center is the law school’s focal point for students interested in the practice of corporate law, and for the study and research of legal issues related to business, finance and economic policy. The Center focuses on creating unique opportunities for students interested in areas of business law, organizing exclusive programs aimed at giving students direct contact with prominent lawyers, regulators and business people.

The Heyman Scholars Program is a program for select J.D. students at Cardozo exposing them to special opportunities to learn about corporate and securities law issues and to interact with professional and academic leaders.


The deadline for applications for admission into the Fall 2019 Heyman Scholars Program is July 15, 2019.  The application can be accessed here: 2019 Heyman Scholar Application (fillable).pdf

Each year, the Heyman Scholars Selection Committee selects approximately 8-10 incoming J.D. students as Heyman Scholars. In addition, the Heyman Scholars Selection Committee selects on the basis of a competitive application process approximately 2 students from the 2L and 3L years.

Incoming J.D. students are selected as Heyman Scholars on the basis of the strength of their law school applications, an expressed interest in a career in corporate law or business, an interview with the Heyman Center Selection Committee and interesting work experience or extracurricular activities. Other students applying to become Heyman Scholars in their 2L and 3L years at Cardozo are selected on the basis of the strength of their academic record at Cardozo, a written statement of interest, an interview with the Heyman Center Selection Committee, an expressed interest in a career in corporate law or business and interesting work experience or extracurricular activities. 


Mentoring and Social Events

Heyman Scholars will be linked to a strong network of Heyman and other Cardozo alumni mentors who work in various areas of corporate law and business. First year students will also be mentored by second and third year Heyman Scholars, and all Scholars are mentored by the Center's Executive Director throughout their time at Cardozo and beyond. These relationships help ease the transition into the first year of law school and foster a collegial program. In furtherance of this goal, the Heyman Center also hosts a "coffee chat" program to facilitate informal conversations and mentoring relationships among the Scholars.

Heyman Scholars are invited to exclusive social events with other Scholars, Heyman Advisory Committee members, and Heyman alumni. Heyman Scholar alumni become part of a network that provides opportunities for informal job counseling and various social events.

Professional Development

Breakfast Meetings with The Heyman Center Advisory Committee: Scholars are invited to attend exclusive meetings with members of the Heyman Advisory Committee. This gives students a unique opportunity to discuss their goals and receive advice from some of the best corporate lawyers in the country. These meetings are held at various offices of reputable law firms and business offices, adding an important element of space and status to the legal experience. To learn more about the Advisory Committee members, please click HERE.

In addition, Heyman Scholars receive unique access to special guest speakers and invitations to lectures, conferences and social events (inside and outside of Cardozo). They have the opportunity to work closely with members of the Cardozo faculty and important Heyman connections.

Assistance with Internships/Externships

Heyman Scholars are offered assistance and advice in securing internships in the public and private sector in areas of corporate and securities law. Examples include:

•  JPMorgan Chase Summer Associate Program

•  Summer positions with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, such as the NY State Attorney General’s Office, FINRA, SEC, CFTC, and the Commercial Division of NY Supreme Court

•  Law firms, banks, investment banks, hedge funds, asset management firms, and various corporations

Other Opportunities and Benefits

•  Priority in admission to transactional negotiation competitions representing Cardozo and The Heyman Center in regional and national LawMeets and other competitions

•  Exclusive invitation to an annual alumni cocktail party with current Heyman Scholars and Heyman alumni

•  Subscriptions to certain leading business news publications

Heyman Scholars will continue to be part of the Heyman Center and the Heyman Scholars Program for each year until graduation, provided that the student meets certain program requirements, including maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2 at the end of the first year of law school and each semester thereafter. In addition, as a condition to retaining the Heyman Scholar title, all Heyman Scholars must volunteer to help organize events and participate in other special projects of the Center, and will be expected to make a good faith effort to attend all events of the Heyman Center. Heyman Scholars are also expected to assist with various projects of the Center, especially those that focus on maintaining a strong relationship with Heyman and Cardozo alumni.