Cardozo offers an enormous range of courses in corporate and securities law and related areas, equipping students for careers as corporate attorneys in firms and at corporations, while helping them develop an understanding of the legal issues relevant to the entrepreneur, company executive, investment banker, or funds manager. In addition, students can choose from a variety of clinical and international programs.

■ Administrative Law

■ Advanced Insolvency Seminar

■ Alternative Business Entities

■ Antitrust

■ Antitrust and Intellectual Property

■ Bankruptcy Law: Debtors’ and Creditors’ Rights

■ Business Reorganizations

■ Business Torts

■ Comparative Corporate Governance

■ Compliance in Financial Institutions

■ Commercial Law

■ Corporate Finance

■ Corporate Fraud

■ Corporate Governance for Distressed Companies

■ Corporate Internal Investigations

■ Corporate Taxation

■ Corporations

■ Debtors’ and Creditors’ Rights

■ Drafting and Analyzing Corporate Agreements

■ Employment Law

■ Environmental Concerns in Corporate Transactions

■ Federal Income Taxation

■ Hedge Fund Law

■ International Business Transactions

■ International Finance

■ Labor Law

■ Legal Drafting for Business Lawyers

■ Mergers and Acquisitions

■ Private Equity Transactions

■ Realizing Value in Corporate Restructurings

■ Securities Arbitration Clinic

■ Securities Enforcement and Litigation

■ Securities Regulation

■ Sovereign Wealth Finance

■ Taxation of partnerships

■ White Collar Crime

The Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program is part of Cardozo’s practical skills curriculum for students planning to focus on transactional practice. In this ten-day immersion course held in January, students gain essential skills needed for effective client representation in doing deals.  Students learn drafting, client consultation, matter management and negotiation through interactive workshops and guided practice sessions designed to give them opportunities to develop their skills. The course ends with a final deal negotiation. Students are taught by Cardozo full-time and adjunct faculty, along with respected lawyers in transactional practice, who provide feedback throughout the program and critique the final negotiation.

Cardozo and LawMeets®
The National Transactional LawMeet® is the premier "moot court" experience for students interested in a transactional practice. The National Transactional LawMeet® forms a part of the LawMeet® family of live, interactive, educational competitions designed to give law students a hands-on experience in developing and honing transactional lawyering skills. Up to 84 teams will be invited to participate in the seven Regional Meets. Each year, Cardozo prepares two teams of students to participate in this nationally recognized event.  The top team from each side of the negotiation at each Regional Meet will be invited to compete at the National Meet.

The primary goal of the National Transactional LawMeet® is to provide each participant a meaningful and engaging simulation of transactional practice. At both the National and Regional Meets, the Transactional LawMeet® involves three distinct phases. First, students work in teams and prepare a proposed draft agreement. Second, each team prepares mark-ups to draft agreements prepared by the teams they will encounter during the two Regional Rounds. Finally, opposing teams negotiate the contours of the deal. Each team will represent one of the two parties to the transaction.

Securities Arbitration Clinic
The Securities Arbitration Clinic introduces students to the essential principles of securities arbitration and mediation. Students learn the fundamentals of securities regulation as they handle investor claims against broker-dealers and clearinghouses, initiated before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the National Futures Association, or the American Arbitration Association. Students develop client relations, counseling, mediation, and arbitration advocacy skills through hands-on experience. Under faculty supervision, students handle all phases of a typical securities arbitration matter, including case intake, case development, discovery, motion practice, and representation of the claimants before mediators and, as necessary, arbitration panels.

International Commercial Arbitration Practicum
Working together as a “corporate law firm,” students in the practicum draft memoranda in response to a mock case prepared for the annual Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. The case usually involves issues of international arbitral jurisdiction, arbitral panel authority, and interpretation and application of various international commercial treaties (e.g., UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, UNCITRAL Model Law, UNIDROIT). Two four-member teams are selected to compete in the Vis competitions held in Hong Kong and Vienna.

Program in Comparative Corporate Governance at Oxford University
This late summer program introduces students to the corporate law systems of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other jurisdictions. Students live and attend seminars taught by Cardozo faculty at Oxford University. Students also spend a day in London visiting international law firms, meeting leading practitioners, and learning at first hand about recent cross-border transactions. Cardozo students receive academic credit upon completion of a research paper.