Founded and directed by Professor Michel Rosenfeld, the Program on Global and Comparative Constitutional Theory is devoted to the interdisciplinary, international, and comparative study of changing trends in constitutionalism, constitutional justice, constitutional governance, the relation between the individual and the state, and evolving conceptions of and approaches to fundamental rights. As concurrent trends toward globalization and privatization subject legal actors to an increasing plurality of legal regal regimes, the fundamental tenets of constitutionalism and of the traditional nation-state based constitutional order come into question. These changes raise fundamental issues in legal and moral philosophy, in social and political theory, and in the legal conception of constitutionalism and the rule of law.

The program has organized conferences, symposia, speaker series, including the Cardozo/NYU I.CON Colloquium on Global and Comparative Public Law Theory, and study groups that have led to publications devoted to rethinking and re-conceiving constitutional theory and constitutional jurisprudence in light of 21st century challenges. The program works extensively with foreign institutional partners and on a worldwide scale with a number of scholars in various disciplines.

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