Kukin Program Alumni 

Halley Anolik
Associate Mediation Manager
New York Center for Interpersonal Development
Clymer Bardsley
The Bardsley Group
Daniel Ben-Zvi
ADR Services
Russell Brunson
Administrative Services Manager
City of Half Moon Bay, CA
Romina Canessa
International Projects and Legal Consultant
ADR Center Spa
Donna Erez-Navot
Assistant Director
Adjunct Professor of Law
Cardozo Law School - Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution
Tracey Frisch
Senior Counsel
American Arbitration Association
Matthew T. Lattimer
Conciliation Specialist
United States Department of Justice
Simone Lelchuk
Associate Mediator
Weinstein Melnick LLC
Jed D. Melnick
Annie Noula
Program Manager, Manhattan Civil Courts and Co-parenting Mediation-Lemon Law Arbitration
New York Peace Institute
Glen Parker
Court Analyst
New York State Unified Court System
David Reinman
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Abe Tawil
Associate Dean for Innovation
LIU Brooklyn School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences
Mara Weinstein
Director of Neutral Recruitment and Training 
Robyn Weinstein
ADR Administrator 
United States District Court Eastern District of New York 
Daneil M. Weitz
State ADR Coordinator
New York State Unified Court System
Pamela Zivari
Mediator and Collaborative Attorney
Law and Mediation Office of Pamela Zivari