Ethics and Government Lawyering in the Age of Trump

This speaker series will probe the ethical challenges and responsibilities confronting lawyers serving in different parts of government.  It will span both semesters of the 2017-18 year and includes:
Richard Painter
Monday February 19, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Richard W. Painter is the S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota Law School, where he teaches Professional Responsibility and Securities Litigation.  From 2005 to 2007, he served as Associate Counsel to the President in the George W. Bush White House, where he was the chief ethics lawyer for the President, White House employees, and senior nominees to Senate-confirmed positions in the Executive Branch.  He is a member of the American Law Institute and is a reporter for the new ALI Principles of Government Ethics and has also been active in the Professional Responsibility Section of the American Bar Association. He is a board member and vice chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as well as a founding board member of Take Back our Republic, a campaign finance reform organization. Painter’s book Getting the Government America Deserves: How Ethics Reform Can Make a Difference was published by Oxford University Press in January 2009. 

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Walter Shaub
Tuesday March 13, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Walter M. Shaub, Jr., was the Director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) from January 8, 2013 until July 19, 2017.  Mr. Shaub previously was a supervisory attorney and Deputy General Counsel of OGE.  Prior to joining OGE in 2006, he served as a staff attorney at several federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services.  Mr. Shaub now serves as Senior Director for Ethics at the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C, a nonpartisan organization that is home to the nation’s premier election law experts and is dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of all Americans to participate in the political process.

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