Student Publications

 “Fashion Nightmare! The Effects Consumer 3D Printing Will Have on Online Counterfeiting in the Fashion Industry”
Michael Lynch

 “Not So Glamorous: Unveiling the Misrepresentation of Fashion Models’ Rights as Workers in New York City”
Alexandra Simmerson 

Lo and Behold!: Does Tolerated Use Give an Incentive to Plagiarize? An Example through the Music of Bob Dylan
Julie Levine

The Israeli Anti-Boycott Law: Should Artists Be Worried?
Arie Peled

The Semiotics of Alpha Brands: Encoding/Decoding/Recoding/Transcoding of Louis Vuitton and Implications for Trademark Laws
David Tan  

@SocialMedia: Speech with a Click of a Button? #SocialSharingButtons
Alicia D. Sklan

Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law, Haute Copyright: Tailoring Copyright Protection to high Profile Fashion Designs, V. 21 No. 1 Fall 2012


Faculty Publication

Guillermo Jimenez and Barbara Kolsun, Fashion Law- A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys (Bloomsbury, Second Edition).