Mass atrocities unfold over time in complex yet somewhat predictable ways.

Our three-part strategy is a systematic, holistic approach that addresses mass atrocity factors within a circuitous continuum of overlapping patterns and simultaneous events. While there is no clear beginning, middle, or end to mass atrocities, EARLY WARNING ANALYSIS is now accepted as reliably predicting behaviors that are more likely to lead to genocide and other mass atrocities.

Our strategy is to PREVENT atrocities, recognizing it implies to protect populations and to rebuild during and after crisis.  Our solution is to focus on the cycle of behavior beginning with events that precede rights violations and conflicts that ignite violence, war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide, followed by the losses, destruction and devastation that can refuel the cyclical pattern of atrocities.

OUR THREE-PART STRATEGY: Prevent, Protect, Rebuild


Atrocities: We leverage institutional expertise and resources to challenge discriminatory policies and practices to prevent individuals from becoming targets for mass atrocities.

Populations: Individuals displaced by genocide and other mass atrocities need protection. We defend refugee rights, represent asylum seekers, and advocate for state adherence to international law.

Societies: We assist in processes of truth, justice, accountability, reparation and non-recurrence of violence.





We accomplish our mission through multiple means. We train government officials and others on atrocity prevention. We build multilateral networks on mass atrocities, strengthening an early warning atrocity prevention system around the world. We partner with the U.S. and other governments, international and regional organizations. We pursue legislative reform and institution-building to strengthen atrocity prevention systems. We educate law students and legal professionals to respect and further the rights of individuals. We research and publish cutting-edge academic and policy scholarship on atrocity prevention, the Holocaust and international human rights. We advocate on behalf of individuals and groups suffering from systemic discrimination and mass atrocities. We promote international human rights toward eradicating genocide and mass atrocities. We protect individuals immediately through legal representation for asylum seekers. We raise awareness by hosting discussions, organizing public lectures and conferences.

Photo: Cardozo Law students with local counterparts in Kigali, Rwanda.




We have held 11 conferences & symposia, 29 lectures, 13 panel events, 4 other events, 7 discussions, 1 play, 1 workshop, 2 book signings, 3 film screenings, 1 award ceremony & 2 report launches. Since 2011 our students have represented 20 asylum seekers from 13 countries. So far, all of our clients with final decisions have been granted asylum. An additional 25 clients have received legal assistance and advice.


Illustration by Brian Lee Boyce

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