Professor Felix Wu teaches the Intellectual Property + Information Law (IP+IL) Colloquium. In connection with the colloquium, Cardozo invites six distinguished intellectual property and information law scholars to discuss their research with faculty, guests, and a select group of Cardozo students enrolled in the course. 


The IP+IL guest lecturers scheduled for 2018 are:

Kara Swanson, Northeastern University

Paper: The "Woman Inventor" as a Political Tool: Patents, Invention, and Civil Rights in the 19th Century United States

February 5

Fred Yen, Boston College

Paper: Stare Decisis and Copyright's Promotion of Art 

February 19

Megan LaBelle, Catholic University

Paper: Influencing Juries in Litigation "Hot Spots"

March 5        

Derek Bambauer, University of Arizona

Paper: Uncrunched: Algorithms, Decisionmaking, and Privacy

March 19

Amelia Smith Rinehart, University of Utah

Paper: Multiplex Technology Transfer

April 9

Elizabeth Rowe, University of Florida

Paper: Ownership and Access in Implantable Medical Devices

April 23