• "Blockchains are a new disruptive technology that has the potential to do to finance, corporate governance, and law what the Internet did to communications and media 25 years ago."

The Blockchain Project was created by Associate Clinical Professor Aaron Wright, a leader in legal education in the field of law and technology. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing finance, creating new outlooks for the world’s financial systems, eliminating the need for a central bank or human intermediaries, and using code to facilitate automated transactions.

The Cardozo Blockchain Project is co-directed by Professor Wright and Professor Jeanne Schroeder, and will aim to explore the legal questions that surround blockchain technology and the numerous legal and policy issues stemming from it.

Blockchains maintain a continuously growing list of ordered records called blocks, functioning as an open record of transactions. Companies can build upon the technological “layers.” The concept is a fast-growing tool that can change finance and industry the same way the Internet changed consumer services and socialization.

The Blockchain Project brings together academics, technologists, policymakers and members of the private sector for symposia, workshops and events that explore blockchain’s impact on law, government and society. The program provides training to law students and lawyers about blockchain technology and how to develop blockchain-based legal agreements. The project will issue policy papers and research related to the technology.

The Blockchain Project Reports

Not so Fast—Risks Related to the Use of a “Saft” for Token Sales

Smart Contracts Paper 

Cardozo’s Technology and Law Program

The Blockchain Project complements Cardozo’s existing technology programs including the Tech Startup Clinic, Tech Talk seminars and the Cardozo Data Law Initiative.

Cardozo’s Data Law Initiative is a program designed to prepare law students for careers in the rapidly expanding legal fields of information governance, e-discovery, data privacy, social media law, and cybersecurity.

The Tech Startup Clinic, directed by Professor Aaron Wright, is a transactional legal clinic providing a range of services to new technology-based companies in New York City, including pro bono legal services to young companies deploying blockchain technology. It exposes students to the legal and business strategy challenges that startups face, and gives them hands-on experience with intellectual property, corporate, contract, tax and labor and employment issues. 

Cardozo’s Tech Talk series holds seminars throughout the year focusing on topics of interest in the law and technology fields.