February 14, 2018

February 14, 2018 - Professor Aaron Wright testified before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology on various topics surrounding blockchain technology. Professor Wright urged legislators to create a National Blockchain Commission to protect the technology from bad actors and to foster the technology's growth in the United States. Wright said a commission is the best place to "devise common principles to guide the federal approach for regulating blockchain technology."

He aslo discussed the capabilities of blockchain, including its use for smart contracts, and the potential for the technology to impact a range of industries, improve commercial activity, transform capital markets and democratize capital, telling the members of Congress that blockchain "points to a future where our commercial relationships are much more dynamic and represent a really new frontier for how we think about commercial arrangements."

Wright is also the director of the Cardozo Technology Startup clinic, which enables Cardozo students to work as legal advisors providing free legal services to small startup companies. He recently created the Cardozo-Google Project for Patent Diversity, and oversees Cardozo Tech-Talks for lawyers. Professor Aaron Wright is an expert in corporate and intellectual property law, with extensive experience in Internet and new technology issues. Before joining Cardozo's faculty, he helped create a company which he sold to Wikia, the for-profit sister project of Wikipedia. He ran Wikia’s New York office, served as General Counsel and Vice President of Product and Business Development, and helped build an open source search engine. In his testimony before Congress Wright discussed his hope that the government proceed with smart regulation of the technology. 

Watch Professor Wright's testimony.