June 27, 2017

Professor Deborah Pearlstein was quoted in Inside Higher Ed. The article focuses on the Supreme Court’s decision to partially lift the injunction on President Trump’s travel ban. Only people with a "bona fide relationship" with the U.S. would be exempt from the ban. 

"In the near term, this is not a good thing for refugees with no previous connections to the United States seeking admission," Pearlstein said. She said the opinion is not a total win "for at least two reasons. No. 1, this is just a stay -- a partial stay at that. We have yet to see how this is all going to play out. Is the administration going to issue some more permanent order; if it does, will it be upheld by the court? There’s an enormous amount of uncertainty here still that’s related to the second point, which is it’s hard to assess the sort of chilling effect of all of this uncertainty on students and families who might be sending a student to the United States to study."

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