November 9, 2017
Professor Peter Markowitz

November 9, 2017 - In Vox, Professor Peter Markowitz speaks on the success of the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP), which was created partly because of the efforts of Markowitz and Cardozo's Immigration Justice Clinic. The NYIFUP is an effort to guarantee legal representation for all detained immigrants in New York City. 

A new study by the Vera Institute for Justice states that with guaranteed legal representation, up to 12 times as many immigrants have been able to win their cases in New York. Soon, under the Safe Cities Network, every eligible immigrant who gets detained in a dozen more cities will have access to a lawyer to help fight their immigration court case. 

Read "A New York Courtroom Gave Every Detained Immigrant A Lawyer. The Results Were Staggering."

"This is the scene that Peter Markowitz accustomed himself to, as a young immigration lawyer at the Varick Street courtroom in New York: 'People brought in, in shackles, with their feet and hands shackled to their waist, often not understanding the language of the proceedings, having no idea of the legal norms that were controlling their fate — being deported hand over fist.'"