August 5, 2019

Professor Chris Buccafusco spoke to Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal about the Katy Perry copyright case. He said in Rolling Stone, "The world of musical composition is not that broad, and it’s certainly not that broad when it comes to things like bass lines. Most musicians are working in a finite innovation space. There are not a lot of sounds generally pleasing to people’s ears and not that many ways to say, ‘Love is a wonderful thing.’ Should they be financially on the hook for that?”

He told The Wall Street Journal, "While $2.8 million might not be crippling to Ms. Perry’s team, it is significant to potential plaintiffs and their lawyers. I would think this is a lucrative market to consider entering. In some cases, songs that were collecting dust in the archives become worth more if they are infringed upon," he added.
“When Katy Perry uses it and makes it a No. 1 song, it’s much more valuable,” he said.

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