May 15, 2018

Professor Christopher Buccafusco's article in The Recorder focuses on copyright law and how in the music industry, legacy artists are causing problems by limiting the creative space for younger artists who are trying to find a niche.

"The available innovation space depends on the scope or breadth of the rights granted to copyright owners," Buccafusco says. "Copyright law doesn’t just prevent exact duplication of a work; it also prevents 'substantially similar' copies of work. Lately, the scope of musical copyrights seems to be expanding. Active creators will typically have conflicting interests. They want copyright laws that are broad enough to give them strong rights against competitors but narrow enough to ensure there is always room in the innovation space for their next song. One day, they are potential plaintiffs with grievances against copyists, but the next day they could be potential defendants on the hook for millions of dollars."

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