February 8, 2018

Professor Aaron Wright spoke with The New York Law Journal about blockchain technology's path into law school classrooms, with Cardozo amoung numerous schools now offering training in the blockchain technology sector.

Wright said, “I think it may be the technology that brings all that learning that’s occurred over that 20 plus years to the mainstream. All those ideas for computational law, this is an application of that.”

The article highlights the new trend of law schools experimenting with providing cross-institutional instruction around blockchain and gave mention of Cardozo's  “Works in Progress” conference for students and legal scholars across multiple institutions to discuss their ongoing research on legal applications and considerations for blockchain.

Wright and Professor Jeff Ward from Duke University co-taught a class between Duke and Cardozo this past semester called “Policy and Law Lab: Blockchain” which Wright said "received enormous student interest. “I don’t know how many students wanted to take it, but I think if we did an uncapped class, we’d get 50 to 60 students.” 

Read the complete article hereThis article first appeared in the print edition of Legaltech News, featured in the February’s Corporate Counsel and The American Lawyer magazines.