Competitors Justin Reiter '15 and Shanitra Waymire '15 won First Place at the 19th Annual Mardi Gras Sports Law Invitational from a field of 34 teams from across the country, and Reiter was awarded Competitor of the Year. Additionally, brief writers Reiter, Waymire and Benjamin Levin '14 were awarded Best Brief at the Invitational.

The 19th Annual Mardi Gras Sports Law Invitational, which was hosted by the Tulane Moot Court Board, in conjunction with the Tulane Sports Lawyers' Journal, was held on February 26-28, 2014. The Invitational is an appellate competition focusing on sports-law related topics, and this year's topic consisted of whether college football players can assert a right of publicity regarding the usage of their images in NCAA video-games and whether the NCAA Amateurism and Eligibility Bylaws violate federal anti-trust law.

Congratulations students on this great accomplishment!

Team Roster:
Justin Reiter '15 (Competitor & Brief Writer)
Shanitra Waymire '15 (Competitor & Brief Writer)
Benjamin Levin '14 (Head Coach & Brief Writer)
Sarah Telson '14 (Assistant Coach)
Jade Wallace '14 (Assistant Coach)
Michael Gluck '15 (Opposing Brief Writer)
Adam Lange '14 (Opposing Brief Writer)