Co-organized by Professors Peter Goodrich and Michel Rosenfeld, the Law and Interpretation Conference was held to a packed house at Cardozo on April 29-30, 2014.

The aims of the conference were both trans-atlantic and trans-generational. A prestigious cast of luminaries, including Bernhard Schlink (Cardozo), Stanley Fish (Cardozo), Julie Saada (Sciences Po), Duncan Kennedy (Harvard), Gayatri Spivak (Columbia), Avital Ronnel (NYU), Bernie Meyler (Stanford), Anselm Haverkamp (Munich), Mikail Xifaras (Sciences Po), Antoine Garapon (IHJ) discussed diverse aspects of the theoretical and judicial traditions in common law. A group of younger scholars, including Chuck Gelman (NYU), Katrin Trustedt (Erfurt), Laurent de Sutter (Brussels), Marco Wan (Hong Kong), Marinos Diamantides (London), Connal Parsley (Kent), Mark Sanders (NYU) provided a conspectus of responses and renewals of the tradition from within contemporary continental legal theory.

Themes were as diverse as interpretation as falsification, the errors of Antonin Scalia, muslim veils, temporality, image and icon in the Greek crisis, sovereignty and philia, translation, governance and the bifurcation of ontologies were discussed by masters and disciples, the old and new guards, with humor, correction and moments of mellifluousness.