October 23, 2017

Cardozo’s Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution sent a team to the Carey Center/FINRA Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon and won first place at the competition, which took place at St. John’s University in Queens during the weekend of October 13.

Professor David Weisenfeld and 3L students Michael DiTrapani, Natalie Freeman, David Cherman and Josh Saccurato all served as coaches for the team, and the students who competed were 2L students Nicholas Anselmi, Derrick Ng and Alexander Sable.

Leo Bronshteyn, Angela Li and Camilla Lopez, all 2L students, were part of the team that prepped for the event, but were waitlisted and unable to compete.

18 teams competed in total, including competitors from Illinois, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.

Professor Weisenfeld called the competition “a grueling event. Most ADR competitions involve one of negotiation, mediation or arbitration, with the competitors having to deal with multiple fact patterns. In this event, there is one fact pattern from which the students first negotiate, then mediate, then arbitrate. That requires an extraordinary amount of preparation and flexibility. In each round, one of the students plays the client while the other two are counsel."