December 4, 2013

January is Lawyering Skills Month at Cardozo Law

Cardozo Law will start 2014 with a bang, with over 250 students spending January in “law & life” intensives designed to meet the demands of the changing legal landscape. Lawyering Skills Month consists of experiences that utilize simulation and immersion programs to transform the educational process. During this time, the school becomes a workshop for law in action.

Multiple “law & life” intensives will be conducted on campus. Two overseas human rights seminars will take place in Ecuador and Cambodia. In addition, Cardozo offers a Washington D.C. practice intensive, and a weeklong program in public service. 

January Law & Life Intensives

Intensive Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP)

This two-week boot camp for trial lawyers has been a cornerstone of Cardozo’s practical skills curriculum experience for over 20 years. In a master class approach to learning, students practice direct and cross examinations, interviewing and preparing witnesses, selecting juries, dealing with evidentiary issues, and preparing for and presenting bench and jury trials, as judges and lawyers from around the country critique their performance.

Intensive Mediation Advocacy Program (IMAP) 

This five-day intensive, interaction workshop teaches students strategy, advocacy and counseling skills in negotiations and mediation. The course concludes with a full day of mediation simulations, in which students receive feedback from respected practitioners and scholars in the field

Introduction to Financial Statements (IFINS)

Today's lawyers must have expertise in reading and working with financial balance sheets. Participation in this three-day workshop-style class provides the background for understanding corporate financial statements, and the tools for working with financial offices on legal matters.

Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program (ITRANS)

A two-week intensive A-to-Z examination of how to make a deal, from strategy and consultation, to negotiation and drafting final agreements.

International Human Rights Intensives

Between International Norms and National Imperatives: Cambodia at a Crossroads

Students travel to Phnom Penh to explore the legal contexts surrounding Cambodia’s transition from a profoundly scarring genocidal experience of the Khmer Rouge regime—they look at issues of land rights, gender discrimination, labor rights, international corporate social responsibility, and transitional justice with a focus on criminal prosecutions.

Pro Bono Project: Asylum Access Ecuador

In this two-week seminar abroad, Cardozo students provide legal counsel and representation to refugees in Ecuador seeking asylum. Through this pro bono project, students get training on international refugee protection and engage in policy advocacy for greater fairness in the refugee status determination process.

A Capitol Practice: Lawyering in Washington, D.C.

A weeklong seminar exposing students to top law firms with first-rate litigation, regulatory, government relations and corporate practices; high-powered government positions, and civil rights and other nonprofit legal organizations. 

Negotiation Theories and Skills

Theoretical and practice-based foundations of negotiation are taught in a weeklong series of simulations and discussions. This intensive covers: integrative and distributive bargaining; barriers to agreement and strategies to overcome them; the nature of dialogue; negotiation power; the role of culture, gender and race in negotiations; negotiation preparation; tactics, initial and responsive strategies; and ethics.

Collaborative Family Law Intensive

This interactive two-day intensive introduces students to Collaborative Family Law, the newest and fastest growing alternative dispute resolution process. The class provides a framework and skill set to help attorneys resolve conflicts out of court. Discussions and role-play exercises teach students fundamental concepts and basic skills.

Public Service Week (P*LAW)

Cardozo's commitment to public service is highlighted during this weeklong event with daily panels, trainings and workshops on topics pertinent to the practice of public interest law. Approximately 100 students participate as legal practitioners, community advocates and organizers address important issues such as youth representation, prisoners’ rights, immigration, and environmental law. The week culminates with Cardozo's Inspire! Awards ceremony, honoring outstanding achievements in public service.