February 19, 2016

Students and faculty who participated in the 2016 ITRANS program. 

Experiential learning is a core part of Cardozo Law’s curriculum. The Intensive Transactional Lawyering Program (ITRANS), an innovative program that takes place over January break, is a 10-day practical course, which teaches necessary skills for transactional work. The course simulates a real-life negotiation, and students learn and apply the skills of drafting, client consultation, matter management and negotiation.

The course environment is intimate and taught by Val Myteberi, assistant dean for Graduate and International Programs, Vickie Kobak, adjunct professor and Jillian Gautier, program director of the Heyman Center on Corporate Governance at Cardozo, who are passionate about the material and the students. The program incorporates interesting exercises, active participation and discussions between the faculty and students.

The course focused on the negotiation of a Stock Purchase Agreement. Students were placed into teams of two who represented either the buyer or the seller. Each team negotiated all aspects relating to the Agreement. In preparation for final negotiations, students participated in client meetings, drafted agreement provisions, prepared markups, engaged in negotiation strategy sessions and had mock pre-negotiations. Throughout the preparation stages, the clients, who are respected lawyers in transactional practice, advised students on all relevant issues and developments pertaining to the deal. Students were encouraged to ask questions and obtain clarifications of their client’s objectives. Final negotiations were observed and critiqued by experienced lawyers in various transactional fields of law.

In addition to in-class teaching and negotiation sessions, students were exposed to various guest speakers, listed below, who spoke to them on various topics relating to transactions practice, and gave valuable advice on choosing the right path in law.

Ruben Kraiem, Partner – Covington & Burling LLP “Transactional Practice in the 21st Century: International Perspectives”

Eric Victorson, Associate – White & Case LLP “Becoming a Transactional Lawyer: A View from the Trenches”

Eric Cohen, Sr. Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Terex Corporation “It’s Business: Being an Effective Transactional Lawyer”

Cass Matthews, Senior Legal Counsel – Google “Perspectives on Transactions in Tech”