January 31, 2014

Photos by Sari Goodfriend Photography

The Inspire! Awards on January 30, 2014 honored community members dedicated to providing the highest quality defense representation to those unable to afford an attorney.

Jonathan Rapping, President and Founder of Gideon's Promise, was the special honoree of the night, which included a screening of the award-winning documentary Gideon's Army, the awards ceremony, and the annual public service student-alumni networking event. 

Other recipients of this year's Inspire! Award were Robert Collins, Visiting Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Divorce Mediation Clinic; Yovani Hiciano, Porter and Housekeeper at Cardozo Law; Stanley Neustadter, Director of the Criminal Appeals Clinic, and 3L students: Ryan Brewer, Mallory Harwood, and Laura Tatelman.

The award was also given to Cardozo alumni who have dedicated their careers to indigent defense.