Danielle Noel '13 has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the Mark Whitlock Scholarship.   
The Whitlock Scholarship was established by the friends and family of Mark Whitlock '10, who passed away from brain cancer when he was a student at Cardozo. Mark’s family sought to celebrate his joyous spirit and vitality with this scholarship. It is designed to recognize an outstanding, third-year J.D. student who, through the force of individual effort, energy, spirit and initiative, contributes to and/or expands and strengthens student life and community at Cardozo. 
Danielle has added much life to Cardozo. She has been involved in The Cardozo Jurist; BLSA and MLSA; the mentoring of many - both officially and unofficially; and her outreach to Cardozo alumni and prospective students. Her work has been generous in spirit, and for the purpose of making life better for Cardozo students. She possesses initiative, spirit, no-nonsense leadership, humor, professionalism, and maturity.
Congratulations to Danielle!