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Sep 16, 2013

Diplomatic Courier - Ari Fridman is Counsel for Oversight and Investigations on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. His portfolio includes the range of regional and functional areas within the Committee’s jurisdiction, such as oversight of foreign aid and embassy security. Ari has worked on multiple committee investigations, hearings, and legislation.

Jul 31, 2013

“Such mechanism necessarily looks beyond health concerns, in that it manipulates choices to try to change consumer norms,” Justice Dianne T. Renwick wrote. The board, the decision stated, “violated the state principle of separation of powers.”

Mar 19, 2013

“We’re defense lawyers,” Dennis J. Herrera, the city attorney, said in his office in San Francisco’s palatial City Hall. “We defend laws that are on the books. And we got a lot of heat at the time for stepping out of that traditional defense role.”

In the years that followed, Mr. Herrera’s office — which now includes five former Supreme Court law clerks, more than some major law firms — has been involved in every phase of the legal war over same-sex marriage in California.

Jan 23, 2013

By awarding remarkable alumni while raising funds for Cardozo scholarships, the dinner is both a celebration of past achievement and a springboard for future accomplishments.