Matthew Kriegsman '14 (first photo) and Kenneth Renov '15 (second photo) founded the Cardozo Law Book Loan Program.
August 13, 2013 - Cardozo Law has initiated the Cardozo Law Book Loan Program to provide free books for students who need them. The program was founded by Matthew Kriegsman '14 and Kenneth Renov '15, who created it as an offshoot from the May Mentors Program.
The students generated the idea when they observed students throwing away books in very good condition—often because the value of books needed for law school drastically decreases they are used.
The May Mentors spread the word and left a bin in the main lobby of Cardozo. Within a few days, they had 100 books. Within a few weeks, they had 300. And now just 3 months after the program started, they have over 500 books.
The books are being stored in the basement of Cardozo on old library shelves. A team of four has alphabetized them for easy access.

Students may apply for a book through the Office of Student Finance. Here is a link to the application.

The program is double blind, meaning that students who apply only put down their YU ID number. Only the Deans check to make sure the student qualifies. They then pick up the books from the Office of Student Services, where they can be picked up privately.