February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017 - Adjunct Professor Michael Wildes discussed the temporary halt of President Trump’s immigration ban with Tucker Carlson on Fox News on February 3. In the interview he said that:

“The 1952 Walter McCarren Act, the immigration act, allowed the President to suspend immigration in the event of an emergency, but in 1965 it clarified that a President and Congress cannot actually discriminate based on national origin ...”

In addition, Wildes appeared on CNN on February 4 to discuss the same topic. In the interview he said that:

"We have cancer doctors, I have titans of industries, I have all sorts of foreign students that are in school, or parents of very legitimate people who have already had green card cases and they're in limbo and don't have their documents, that now have to make decisions between staying put or going ..."

Wildes also appeared on BBC on February 8, in which he said that "Homeland security is important, but making sure that we have a business metric and a torch of liberty to help those huddled masses is duly important."